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Working is one of the most important aspects for a career type of man. In order to follow this purpose yet not being obsessed with work, socializing is extremely important. The bad news is that most of the ways you could do socializing cost an arm and a leg – just think of going out to a club, how much would you need in order to drink, to let the tip and on top of that – the taxi! The good news consists in the fact that you can actually do a lot of great things with your friends, things that cost nothing! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to find the 5 work-off leisure activities to do that cost you zero. You will be just amazed!


  1. Cinema at home

Whether wishing to make your friends happy or just socializing, creating the cinema at your own home is one of the greatest things you could do! Instead of paying an arm and a leg on a cinema ticket, popcorn and drinks that most of all, we know they cost so much in mall, turn your room into your own cinema room! Tell your friends to come over – all you need is a DVD, popcorn and yes, the drinks!


  1. Poker Night

Mostly known as a night-out kind of leisure activity, holding a poker night is ought to make your weekend nights cost zero but with so much fun! Still, for the sake of the zero cost, try not to involve money in your game. Play it just for the fun of it.

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  1. Free Museum Entrance

During the year, there are nights in which you can visit certain (if not all) museums for free! All you need to do is to keep an eye onto that certain day, wait for the day to come and get plenty of friends to have fun with! There is no fun on visiting something all alone.


  1. Wine-tasting

Has anyone pronounced wine…? I’m in! And so would be your friends if hearing there is a wine-tasting experience going on in the neighborhood. Why would anyone, in their lifetime, say no to wine?


  1. Standup Comedy

Even though the standup comedy thing is known as one of the jobs well-paid, some artists do it for free. Keep an eye onto these guys and see when and where you can see them. It will be all worth it!



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