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Are you looking for a memorable vacation destination this summer that is full of fun and entertainment? A place where you can find bursts of color, culture, and breathtaking scenery with just the right mix of liveliness? Well, look no further because we have got you covered. 

Pigeon Forge is a dream come true if you want to take a break from your robotic city life and feel the country’s charm. It is wrapped deep in the mountains and left unscathed by the barbs of modern-day living.

With approximately 70 tourist attractions, Pigeon Forge is one of the most desirable spots for tourists. Bustling with life and charm, this small city is considered one of the most picturesque places in Tennessee. Millions of tourists come here yearly to relax and have fun.  

Out of these 70 places, we bring you 6 of the best places to fit into your travel itinerary for this summer.

Dollywood is a commemorative theme and water park in Pigeon Forge and is spread over 150 acres. 

Growing up, this was one of Dolly Parton’s favorite spots; she used to swim in the rivers in the Smoky Mountains, and hence it was turned into the Dollywood Splash County. Millions of people visit this place every year. 

The Firechaser Express, the Mystery Mine, and the Dragonflier will give you an adrenaline rush. However, if you are someone who wants to take it slow, the famous steam locomotive takes you around Dollywood at a safe pace, and you can see the entirety of the area. 

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This place is filled with history, amusement, and mouth-watering food. Dollywood gives you an idea of all the things to do in pigeon forge and serves as a little trailer that keeps you anticipating more.

Dollywood and Splash Country are filled with fun activities for solo travelers and those traveling with their families. 

You are guaranteed to have a great time at Dollywood because of all that it offers to its visitors. Here, you can find everything, from tasty food to exhilarating entertainment media. So, make sure to add this to your list of travel stops.

  1. Old Mill Square

The Old Mill Square is one of the most photographed grist mills in the United States. Isaac Love, who built this mill, wanted to grind grain into flour via hydropower and was successful in his undertaking. 

Since then, this place has become a tourist attraction for people who want to experience southern hospitality at its roots. The Old Square Mill has everything from old-time shops to food and accommodation. Everything takes you back to the 19th century’s country lifestyle.  

2. WonderWorks

WonderWorks is sure to leave you in awe when you first lay your eyes on it. 

If you are completely new to the town, you might think that this mammoth colonial-style building, turned upside down, was struck by a disaster. This great building is sure to take you on an imaginative journey.

It is the most interactive and awe-inspiring place in Pigeon Forge. This place is filled with active exhibits, like the Hurricane Shack, Astronaut Training Gyro, or the Physical Challenge Zone. They will give you a real and interactive experience; for example, the Astronaut Training Gyro takes you on a simulated journey to space. At the same time, Hurricane Shack will offer you the experience of winds as strong as 84 miles per hour.

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3. Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

The Smoky Mountains are a key destination in Pigeon Forge, and you’ll see that many tourist destinations here have some linkage to it. The Smoky Alpine Coaster is for people who want to do something different than the typical hiking and climbing.  

The Alpine Coaster will take you down the Smoky Mountains and give you a chance to see the beautiful expanse of nature. 

Moreover, what’s interesting about this is that you get to decide and choose the speed you want to descend at from the top. It can be slow and leisurely, so you can take in everything this place offers or go for a thrill and go down at maximum speed. 

The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster helps you see scenery and nature that would have otherwise been inaccessible on foot. If you want to see the rustic country scenery in all its glory, then the Alpine Coaster at the Smoky Mountains should be a part of your bucket list. 

4. Smoky Mountains National Park

Pigeon Forge is considered one the most beautiful places in America, and you’ll know it is true once you see the Smoky Mountains, National Park. 

It is a natural treasure with beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see. This place is breathtaking and will leave vacationers in awe. 

If you are looking for a thrill, you can go hiking, jogging, and biking on one of its many trails. 

If you want adventure, visit Clingman Dome, the top of the Tennessee Mountains, and the highest elevation point along the Appalachian Trail.

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Make sure to add this to your list of places to visit.

5. Forbidden Caverns

The Forbidden Caverns are a network of underground hollows that tourists can see and enjoy with the guidance of a tour guide. You’ll be able to find stalagmites in glittering underground streams that comb through the rocks creating a mesmerizing scene. The streams provide a beautiful background sound as you explore these deep caverns.  

They even provide you with a spooky show while exploring the caves. If you want to skip the heat this summer, this place is a perfect reprieve. 

Bottom Line

The places mentioned above are sure to make your stay at Pigeon Forge worthwhile and will serve as an escape from your daily exhausting work routine. Moreover, you can see southern hospitality’s richness and culture depicted throughout each tourist attraction. 

Hopefully, you thoroughly enjoyed the article, and it helps you narrow down the most amazing places to visit in Pigeon Forge. 

Happy Reading.


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