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Have you ever wondered about how the rich and powerful got to where they are? Ever wonder what their morning routine is, or what they do at the weekend? Yep, us too. So, we decided to ask them! We spoke to some of the most prolific investors, CEOs, and successful business people to find out more. We were keen to know about their everyday habits. What do they do that works so well for them (and their bank balance!) What we discovered actually made a lot of sense.


They’re all small, simple habits that you can adopt, and practice on a daily basis. It’s all about making small changes that will make a big difference. Each of these tricks and techniques are used by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson. These are billionaire entrepreneurs who found success through sheer hard work, and the right attitude. Here are just some of their daily habits that helped them get to where they are now.


  1. They read


Bill Gates famously reads every single night before falling asleep. Whether it’s business journals, self-help books, or a good novel, he spends an hour reading every night. Barack Obama is also a prolific reader, while JK Rowling and Stephen King read every day. One of the biggest readers we came across was Mark Cuban, the sports entrepreneur. He reads for at least three hours a day, and he’s now worth $3 billion. Start by reading international business articles every morning. Then move onto business journals, and settle down with a good novel once in awhile!


  1. They prioritize and organise
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Successful people know exactly what’s important to them, and they chase it relentlessly. They completely cut out any other distractions in their life. They prioritize their goal, and organize their life around it. That means keeping the tightest possible to-do list! Start writing down as much as you can. Everything from thoughts to ideas to tasks. Now prioritize them, and them put them into a logical, organized state. It helps clear your brain, and give structure to your life. It’s a great way to stay focused and productive at work.


  1. They get up early


A lot of entrepreneurs attribute their success to their early morning wake up call. Walt Disney was famous for rising at 4:30am every single morning. Even on the weekends! Try it yourself, and see how much work you can get done before everyone else starts at 9am. Our brain is at its peak power about two hours after waking. The more you can get done before distractions start arriving on your desk, the better. Use this time to get stuck into big projects or read.


  1. They exercise


You might think that all this work and early mornings will leave entrepreneurs exhausted. In fact, most of them still make time for some regular exercise! Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, especially if you’re working a demanding job. Contrary to what you might think, it actually gives you more energy too. It releases feel-good endorphins that give your brain and body a boost. Exercise helps you sleep better, and helps your body feel more active. Try an early morning run or make room for a daily tennis game ala Anna Wintour.


  1. They just start working!
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A lot of us find it difficult to motivate ourselves sometimes. But, you’ll often find that if you just start working, then you’ll quickly get in the zone. Entrepreneurs know that all too well. So, rather than procrastinating, they just get their head down and start working. If you can force yourself to work for fifteen minutes, the rest comes naturally. The hardest part is just starting. So, whether it’s a business idea, a book, or research, just start! Just start walking, and you’ve already done the hard part.


  1. They set goals


You don’t become a millionaire without setting yourself very specific goals. It’s that simple! The most successful people in the world set ambitious, lofty goals. From there, they break those goals down into manageable, bite size chunks. They create daily objectives that will help them reach those specific goals. At the end of every year, they assess their progress, and alter their plans slightly. Keep setting new goals, set the bar higher, and reach further.


That’s all for now, folks. Hopefully, you’ve picked up some great ideas to help you succeed in life! It’s all about changing your mindset, and focusing on small things that will help you achieve your goals. Have you got any productivity tips that have helped you get where you are now?


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