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Regardless of the purpose of a printed document or image, most people want to ensure it remains useful and looking perfect for as long as possible. It’s also necessary to protect these items from the unexpected while making a statement. This is where lamination is an invaluable asset.

Lamination, like the services offered at, is a process used for coating paper documents or printed photos, signage, and presentation materials. It is the best way for a person to get the most out of their materials today, but many still wonder why this is. For those who have that question, keep reading to learn about the specific advantages that lamination offers.

  1. It’s Extremely Protective

Smudges, rain, dirt, tears, rips, and spills -; all of these elements can ruin any document or image and if a person is short on time, it can result in disaster. However, if the items were laminated, none of the hazards would be a problem. Also, the materials can never be torn because the lamination materials used are extremely durable and the printing won’t ever be damaged by greasy or oily hands and the coating is water-roof, which makes it immune from any type of moisture -; it’s a real lifesaver in many situations.

  1. It Provides a Professional Finish

There is nothing that is more professional than a pristine, perfectly preserved document. The lamination process also helps to bring the color of the ink out, which makes it much more capable of grabbing someone’s attention. Also, the strength and thickness of the paper give off a sense of superior quality and preparation.

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In addition to preserving what is laminated, the coating may actually alter the images. For example, it can turn a matte print into a glossy print. It will also add a bit of shine to the art, which makes it much more visually appealing.

Remember, glossy prints are going to be more noticeable and catch someone’s attention. If someone is an artist and they want to get their work noticed while being displayed in an open gallery, lamination offers a great way to do this. It’s also beneficial to use at home, which is going to make sure the art is more noticeable to people visiting the house.

  1. It’s Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of lamination and a reason that it is such a popular method for protecting documents is that it is affordable. By laminating documents, images, and other items, they will last longer and are much more durable. As mentioned above, the lamination method will also protect the item from things such as sunlight, dust, and dirt.

If the document, image, or art remains unprotected, moisture may ruin it for good. While it is possible to protect the item in question by framing it, this isn’t always a viable option. It is also something that will cost much more in the long run.

  1. For Art, it Preserves the Value

In addition to laminating documents, marketing materials, and images, lamination can also be applied to expensive artwork. This is going to ensure it remains in good condition and that the value of the piece is preserved. As time passes, printed art may begin to fade and deteriorate and this leaves it looking bad, while the value of the piece falls.

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If a person plans to sell the art in the future, they will lose a lot of money on the item if it hasn’t been protected. However, with lamination being used, it’s possible to preserve the value of the art now and in the future. Also, by ensuring that no damage occurs, the price will remain the same, and in some cases, it is going to go up.

  1. Bring Out All the Colors

With lamination, the colors in a document, image, or a piece of art can be highlighted. When prints have laminated the colors it contains will appear much bolder and more vibrant. This is especially effective if a person is laminating a print that is extremely colorful or bright.

This more vibrant appearance is then paired with the glossy finish, which turns the art into a true masterpiece. Also, the lamination is going to preserve the natural colors that are in the art. This preservation ensures the colors don’t run, fade, or suffer any other type of damage.

  1. It’s a Permanent Protective Coating

One of the most important aspects of lamination is that it is permanent. What this means is that the document, image, or any other item that has been laminated will be able to be used time and time again without any need for a reprint, which means that it will save a person money on ink and other printing materials. As a result, laminating items will save a business time and money and it will help to conserve paper, which is an essential, natural and limited resource.

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The Downside of Laminating

When it comes to laminating documents, images, artwork, and other items there is no question there are an array of benefits offered. However, to determine if this is the right option, it’s also important to know some of the potential downsides of laminating items. These are found here.

As mentioned above, it’s permanent, which is a good thing in most cases. However, if the item is irreplaceable, it may be best to have the item scanned or copied first. That’s because while lamination usually turns out fine, there is no guarantee an issue will not occur, and there may be warping, folding, bubbling or creasing that may impact an item being laminated.

It is also important to note that anything that has been thermal printed, such as concert tickets cannot be laminated. That’s because this is a heat process and putting the tickets through another heat process will cause them to turn completely black. By knowing the pros and cons of laminating a person can determine if it is the right protective method for their item.


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