One of the best ways of making a passive income is by setting up a website promoting someone else. For example, you could set up an IT blog where you promote certain computer brands. You may even set up a dating site. The things you can promote as an affiliate are limitless!

As you no doubt know, the easy part is setting up a website. The hard part is getting people to visit it and click through your affiliate links. Are you upset your website offers little to no revenue from your efforts? If so, the good news is there are plenty of things you can do about the problem. Of course, you need to determine why your site isn’t so successful!

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Here are six classic reasons why your affiliate website has little to no conversions:

1. Your affiliate links aren’t working

When you market someone else’s brand, you’ll often get given a unique link. If someone buys a product via that link, you’ll get the commission for the sale. The thing is; if your affiliate links aren’t working, you won’t get any commission!

Before you do anything, click on your links and check that they work!

2. The site you link to isn’t working

Another factor that can hamper your progress is sometimes out of your control. If the brand you promote has an unreliable website, it’s worth promoting someone else. After all; once you hook in a visitor to your site, you don’t want to direct them to a dead site!

3. You haven’t carried out any SEO on your website

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One of the biggest reasons for a site that has little to no conversions is SEO. Or, should I say, the lack of it! Most people won’t know about your website. The way they’ll reach it is by searching for a keyword or phrase relevant to your content.

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Make sure you’ve got the search engine optimization covered on your site. Otherwise, hire an SEO agency that can sort this out for you. Failing to optimize your site will mean fewer visitors. And that means lower commissions (if any)!

4. You aren’t putting any money where your mouth is

One of the ways to create a successful affiliate site is by marketing it. That often means spending money to raise awareness of your website. There was once a time where we could all rely on organic search traffic.

Nowadays, there are over a billion live websites online. It’s also likely you’ll have plenty of competition. If you haven’t already, invest in PPC marketing. Google AdWords is a good example to try out.

5. You’re pushing the wrong products and services

Let’s say that you run a gadget blog. It’s likely you’ll push things like electronic goods and related services. Your conversions won’t increase if you promote dog food or hair shampoo! Make sure you’re promoting relevant products and services.


6. Your landing page sucks

Last, but not least, how good is the layout and copy on your landing page? If it doesn’t hook your visitors, you won’t see many conversions. Make sure you use a winning layout and content combination.

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