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I know that most of the time Blogging is more appreciated than Vlogging ( video blogging) and we all want to become bloggers not vloggers.  But why do we all want to go blogging route instead vlogging one?

Even Google doesn’t know that, when I typed just couple of minutes ago: “Vlogging sites for making money”. I got this: did you mean Blogging sites for making money online.

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised, because vlogging is PROFITABLE, very, listen to me now, would it be easier for me to record a 3 minute video and explain this topic to you, or to sit here in my home and write it down for like hour and a half?

That’s right, vlogging is easier and makes more money, there are on video ads, pre video ads, post video ads, you get the picture…

But still so far most of the people are only using YouTube, and that’s just like finding a bag of golden coins and taking  just one coin from the bag. You need to create multiple sources of income, and that means finding more vlogging sites for vloggers to make money online, you need to grab them all.

And I’m about to tell you about 10 best vlogging sites where you can make money vlogging.



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So here we go, 6 Sites that pay you to Vlog:

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YouTube – and yes you’re right, youtube is still one of the best video sites where vloggers can make money vlogging. It’s called youtube partner program, your videos will display ads, Adsense ads in this case. The more popular your video gets, more clicks and money you receive, it’s simple as that.

Vimeo – Always somehow behind youtube, but in my eyes vimeo is a champion. And you can make money with it too, forget about only having fun, from now on you will have fun and make money to support yourself or your family. It is called vimeo creator services, and there are few ways to make money with it, you can sell your videos and keep 90% of the earnings. Your videos can get tips and help you to make money from individuals who liked your video. Or you can licence your video as a stock footage, just like stock images,  this is why I love vimeo, it’s clearly one of the best websites to make money as a vlogger.

DailyMotion – is a french video sharing website, it’s been online since 2005, and still it’s one of the top videos sites and best place for vloggers to make money.  Their program is called Dailymotion Publisher, and it’s mainly made for helping people make money with videos. And the best thing is that you don’t need to create video yourself,  just copy the video from dailymotion to your blog or website and generate revenue each time someone watch your video. Great way for vloggers who have video websites with good traffic.

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How Can I Get Rich? – If you know how to create video series and you’re good at it, then Blip is the place to make money online vlogging.  Many Fortune 500 companies buy ads on Blip, after the ads appear on your video, you will get 50%, don’t know if this is right, but maybe they pay well, try them out, it will not hurt you. – This website will literally give you money in your hand, and up to $500 for one single video. Still talking about blogging? This it the real opportunity for any vlogger, creating simple and interesting video can takes minutes to a day, sometimes even more, but selling them for $500 per piece is a very lucrative way of making money online as a vlogger.

Viddler – This is a truly best video hosting and advertising website on the planet, and great place to make money with your videos. Generate income from your video content with advertising integration. Take full control over the ad displays on your videos and keep all of the profits. Set up a fully customizable video store using the Subscriptions Add-on and sell access to your premium video content.

If you know for some other great places where vlogging can be profitable, let us know in the comments below.




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