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Nursing agencies hire out their qualified staff to hospitals, healthcare services and private patients when there is a demand for them. This is usually during busy periods when extra cover is needed. They are often a successful business as well as providing a critical andhelpful service. Anyone interested in a career in healthcare but also with an entrepreneurial passion should consider setting up their own nursing agency by following these steps.

  1. Qualify

The first, and probably longest step, is to train and qualify as a registered nurse. This is not a legal requirement to run a nursing agency but it is highly advised so you understand the role of both nurses and customers. It also adds credibility to your agency by being run by a licensed nurse.

  1. Research

The rules and requirements for setting up a nursing agency differ according to location. It is therefore essential to research what you need to do before starting your agency as there may be a number of licences you have to apply for and commissions to register with. Looking up information about other nursing agencies, their experiences and customer feedback is a good idea to see what works well and what doesn’t.

  1. Plan

As with any start-up, a solid business plan is needed for your agency to succeed.Include everything from start-up costs, initial pay, marketing and advertising fees, taxes, licence fees and anything else necessary. If possible have an accountant or someone experienced working with start-ups to go over your business plan and check for any omissions or mistakes. Professional help and advice for creating a nursing agency business plan is available from a few sources.

  1. Fund
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A quality business plan is vital to secure funding for your agency. Starting costs shouldn’t be too much but it is necessary to have plenty in reserve in case clients fail to pay their invoices on time at the start. Funding options include bank loans, private investors or even your own savings.

  1. Take Action

Now that everything has been planned and prepared it’s time to take action. Ensure you register for any licences and with any bodies that are required. Take out the necessary insurance and find somewhere to set up head office.

Of course having nurses in your team is required before any contracts can be signed. Advertise your RN jobs vacancies and hire the best staff for your agency. Conduct interviews and background checks, making sure all employees’ licences are current and their records clean.

  1. Market

To reach clients and start the orders coming in you’ll need to market your agency by advertising in local hospitals, doctors’ offices, other healthcare providers and online. This should lead to work opportunities and the start of important relationships that must be maintained to ensure a steady flow of workfor your staff.

Meet with clients, discover their needs and match the best nurses for the job. When agreed sign the required contracts, send out your nurses and enjoy the start of your agency’s success.


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