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For the past few years many businesses around the world have had to tighten their belts in order to scrape back some of the increasing overheads and reduced profits. There are a few things you and your business can do to try reduce your delivery costs.
Sending goods through a courier service has never been so easy and cost effective, whether you want to send a next day delivery, a 48-hour delivery, same day delivery, timed or even international deliveries, there is a way to reduce the cost when using the household name couriers like UPS, Parcels2go, Mail Box Express, City Link and Parcelforce Worldwide. Take a look at these tips and try save your business some cash and hopefully get a better service:

1. If you don’t ask you don’t get

If you have been using the same courier services for years at the same rates regardless of your frequency or the size of the packages you send you need to be able to negotiate the delivery rate you pay for your parcels. The more you send the better chance you have of negotiating a reduced delivery rate, as a local customer you should expect your courier services to bend over backwards for your business.

2. Get educated

The more educated you are on the delivery processes of same day couriers the more you will be aware of the differences and reasons for the variation in prices amongst courier services. You will find many of the larger/global courier service group your deliveries, this means that they will deliver your parcel with several/hundreds/thousands of other parcels. Your parcel can end up being a needle in a hay stack when using larger couriers, yes you will get the cheapest prices but you may have to compromise on the safety and delivery time of your packages

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3. Local couriers

You should find some local couriers that are able to provide your business with the best service on the market. They will usually be able to provide you with a better service because they care more about your parcels and they have fewer depots for your parcels to pass through. This can help reduce the potential damage to your packages as more often than not local couriers only use one or two drivers to deliver your parcel around your country.

4. Same day or next day?

Time is money and money is time’ this was quoted back in 17th century by B. Franklin and it has never been more relevant than today. From research we know that when you send packages you want it delivered as soon as possible. Whenever you need to send any packages consider its importance and the schedule of the businesses activity that package plays a role within. The best way to control your delivery costs is to sit down and weigh up if the cost of sending you package outweighs the benefit of delivering that same day, if it’s not urgent send it through a next day courier, if it’s a tender send it by through a same day courier.

5. Don’t be stupid

If you ensure your parcels are safely packed and protected then you should find less parcels getting damaged and or lost during the delivery process. Ensure you use the right size box to pack your goods, also ensure you protect your goods with appropriate materials such as foam, paper and or polystyrene. You should always double check the delivery details of your recipient against what you courier has on their database. Some couriers offer a free packing service for poorly packaged parcels, giving you peace of mind when sending any valuable or fragile items.

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6. Guarantees

You need to be able to trust your courier service, if your courier isn’t delivering their promises you need to consider asking for your money back or compensation for late deliveries. Most local couriers will offer you money back guarantees on any late or lost packages, giving your business piece of mind when send packages out to those important customers.

At the end of the day it all comes down to how much your courier needs and values your business. If you feel you are not getting the service you require then it’s time to up sticks and move on and find a service that will work for you. Never be afraid to make demands as it is your businesses money at the end of the day. Your courier service represents your business, if a package doesn’t get there on time or in one piece it’s your business that will take the heat not the courier service from your client.

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