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how to be more productive

Work smarter, not harder– this is a phrase that is used a lot in the business world. If you find that you’re someone who always feels rushed and busy, while your overall workload may be the root cause of the issue, chances are there are also a few tweaks you can make to the way you work that will help increase productivity and reduce stress.

1. Do What You Want to Put Off First

Is there a task you’re dreading? While it may be tempting to put it off, many experts believe that procrastinating on something you’re not looking forward to can have a negative impact on your whole day because even though you haven’t done the task, you’re still thinking about it. Wherever possible, get the worst part of your day over and done with as early as you can.

2. Do Small Jobs Straight Away

If something comes across your desk that can be dealt with in a short period of time, just do it then and there. Think about it – if a form lands in your in tray, it will probably take 30 seconds to file it. A week’s worth of neglected paperwork in an overflowing tray on the other hand? Not such a simple task.

3. Take Breaks and Finish on Time

When you’re under pressure it can be tempting to work through lunch or stay back late. Studies have proved this can actually be counterproductive. Set yourself deadlines – if you know you are heading out of the office at 12, you are likely to work more efficiently leading up to that break or your scheduled finish time.

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4. Write A Stream Of Consciousness

Do you have a lot on your mind? Take a blank sheet of paper and just write down your thoughts. You can make sense of them later if you need to. Putting it out on paper can help to clear your mind so you can focus on the task at hand.

5. Make A Prioritised List

Lists don’t work if they are a five page document of more things that you could possibly get done in a week, let alone a single workday. So write out your To Do’s but have a system about it. One way to manage them is to have a short term Must Do list and a longer term running document of less urgent tasks.

6. Look At Systems and Processes

Sometimes it is an organisation’s systems that are letting productivity down. If you notice ways that the way you do things could be streamlined, automated or made more efficient make the change. It could be as simple as introducing a payroll system like Aurion, used by HR experts like to streamline your processes. If you don’t have the authority to implement it yourself, raise the suggestion with management.

Nobody likes to feels like they are constantly in a hurried state with deadlines looming overhead. By spending a bit of time to find ways that you can work smarter, you’ll be ensuring long-term productivity without feeling overwhelmed.

What is your best tip for getting the most productivity out of your workday?

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