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In today’s world making money online has become an instrumental part of our lives in order for people to earn a livelihood and live comfortably. Any one from anywhere can earn money in different ways. Now-a-days a person who stays at home can make money and be independent. Since we are blessed with new technologies, people have started exploring new ideas about how they can start earning.

There are various ways one can start new business just by sitting at home.

This will give them a chance to earn some money as well as to support their family.

Home Tuitions:

People who are good at teaching can choose home tuition’s as a work from home business. This is a really good platform for many people including the handicap or immobile individual. . You can keep yourself updated with the current education structures.  The main thing is your knowledge is not wasted by just sitting home idol.

Cooking classes:

If you are a magician with food, then you can consider this as an option for making money from home Since people are always eager to taste new foods. . This is a good way to teach others and make them happy. If you love cooking and know of different recipes then you can go for cooking classes as an option to earn money.

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Making Handicrafts:

If your hobby is making handicrafts, you can use this to earn money. Nothing is better than earning an income doing what you love what more could you ask for? If you’re good at this then you can choose it as a profession and make beautiful handicrafts. You can also sell it online by using the internet.

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Baby Sitting:

Providing babysitting services is a good way to earn an extra income from home. Now-a-days both parents are busy earning an income outside of the home so they are not able to give as much time to their little ones as they would like. With your services you can offer them peace of mind while giving them a helping hand.  You can care for the child in your own home and start earning money.

Online Marketing:

Online marketing is the most talked about topic in the present market. Online marketing is a popular method you can utilize to earn money from home. If you can write well then this profession can help you make money online. Due to this exciting technology you now can provide your services worldwide. You can carry out this business from your home while working in your pajamas.


If you have in-depth knowledge of a particular topic then you can start consulting people. If any individual is dealing with that problem and is looking for help, then you can consult this person on their issue.  You can charge a fee for your consultation. This you can continue online as well. You can consult on numerous aspects or areas such as communications, teamwork, business etiquettes, self confidence and various other topics with which you are comfortable talking. One’s you gain the attention of a particular crowd then you can conduct seminars, and small gathering’s for them.

These are just a few of the different options you can choose in order to make money from home. For more information on ‘stay at home revenue’ kindly go to

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    • that’s right skrol, internet marketing is one of the better ways. It’s a bit hard to start, but once you get to know the game, it becomes easier.

  1. Rudraksh Pathak Reply

    In your list. I will prefer Online marketing and Tutions as they are easy to do comparing with others.

    • I’m glad that you prefer internet marketing, it’s not that easy for everyone.
      And tuition’s are easy yes, thanks for stopping by Rudraksh 🙂

    • Thank you Priyangshu, and yes it’s one of the greatest ways. thanks for stopping by 😉

  2. I would prefer online marketing the best way to make money at home but it need wide knowledge about it better ways is to provide content writing services if any one have good skill of writing.

    • I agree with you Kamlesh,for IM we need wide knowledge which is changing every day.
      While content writing on topic that you know is good for making money for other blogs or magazines.

      thanks for commenting

  3. Online marketing is the best way to make money from and which is what a lot of people are doing and earning 6 figure income.

  4. Enjoy your list James W. I hope to achieve what another follower stated that it “gets easier” the longer your in the game…..I mainly utilize online marketing to reach others for my primary business and once that happens I still prefer face to face if possible or phone conversations to share more info and answer questions. Thanks for the insight

    • Thank you Robert for the kind words. Yes it gets easier with the time. It’s like the snowball effect once you manage to stay online, your business will just start to expand and online marketing is the way to go.
      thanks for stopping by 🙂

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