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We all like to think our business is impenetrable. The truth is, no company is truly safe from crime, including yours. There is no worse feeling that turning up to an office or warehouse that has been burgled. Nowadays, we also have cybercrime to contend with and protect against. Some of the biggest businesses in the world have recently fallen victim to hacking and infiltration. A theft of any kind will be costly to your finances, hard work and reputation. So, let’s do everything we can to avoid that situation. We’ve pulled together six tips from security experts to help you stay safe.


  1. CCTV cameras


This is an absolute essential when it comes to monitoring your premises. Whether it’s an office space, a laboratory, a warehouse or a factory, CCTV will keep you covered. It will monitor intruders and even send a feed directly to your smartphone or computer. The simple presence of a CCTV camera is enough to deter most thieves. Make this an essential part of your business budget.


  1. Motion sensors


These should ideally be used alongside your CCTV cameras. Together they provide an all round sensory protection for your property. Motion sensors are best placed around the perimeter. If they are activated, it will put your CCTV cameras and alarms on high alert. If another security feature is triggered, the authorities can be immediately notified.


  1. Window treatments


Thieves often look to the windows for their first point of entry. You can deter this by choosing strong upgrades. Double or triple glazing is usually strong enough to keep thieves from smashing it. We also suggest using safety window film which will hold the glass together, even when shattered. The glass is held in place and thieves struggle to get through.

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  1. Keep track of stock and inventory


As a business, you need to know immediately if stock or inventory is missing. Smart criminals will often siphon off goods at a slow rate so the company won’t notice. When you keep a strict check on all stock, this can be avoided. Unfortunately, this type of crime often occurs from within. No-one likes to think that their own staff are stealing from them, but it does happen.


  1. Have you thought about cybercrime?


In the digital world, physical entry is no longer your only concern. If you store confidential information or sensitive data on your computer, you’re at risk. This could be vital customer data or even access to your business bank account. Use encryption, firewalls and strong passwords to help avoid this devastating activity.


  1. Risk assessment


Once or twice a year, it’s a really good idea to bring in some security specialists. They will conduct a risk assessment and point out any flaws in your system. Often, you are too close to the business to spot the gaps in security or the loopholes. A fresh perspective from expert eyes might be just what you need. You’ll plug any security holes and stay up to date with the latest security practices.


We all think it will never happen to us. The sad truth is that it just might. If the worst happens, you and your business needs to be prepared. Follow the steps here and you’ll help protect your company.



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