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When a blog is getting more and more noticed, its owner usually faces the need to provide more engaging and diverse content to the audience. Obviously, this is the turning point for them because one person is no longer enough to complete this task. To find a solution, bloggers invite new writers to add their fresh ideas to the blog’s content.

However, marketers from who often look for guest writers to help to bring diversity to the blog confirm that finding these guest writers is not an easy thing. They should be interested in working consistently to meet your content plans and succeed in keeping your audience engaged.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can make guest writers interested in contributing to your blog and what can be done to encourage such collaboration.

Make a Call-for-Cooperation

You can encourage cooperation with guest writers by creating a web page stating all conditions that you offer for contributors. Believe it or not, many writers look for such opportunities. As a blog owner, you are in a position to choose from the many people who would want to write for you and get paid. The only way to know about these people is to let them know that you are hiring.

Look for Guest Writers on Writers’ Platforms

There are plenty of freelance and writers’ platforms where you can find reliable people with fresh ideas and great writing skills. However, it is always a good idea to get to know this person before actually agreeing to work together.

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Start building a valuable dialogue, sharing something about your blog and explaining what benefits they can get writing for you. Also, you can ask for some samples to see their writing style and previous experience.

Pay Writers for Their Work

Writers are interested in self-promotion only if you own a really successful blog. In the majority of cases, they look for money. Every work should be paid and writing as a craft pays high. Therefore, if you are interested in finding good guest writers who would add novelty to your blog, make sure you have some budget for it.

You should set some rules about submissions that you are going to pay for. For example, the flat rate may depend on analytics on each submission or other criteria. You can also promise higher payments for repeat publications. By doing this, you and your guest writers become interested in long-term collaboration.

Allow Guest Writers to Promote Themselves

Every guest writer or invited writer who makes a living writing wants their articles published under their names. This is the best promotion for them since it helps these writers to make their talent recognized.

For many of them, writing a post for a popular blog is a great achievement in their writing career. If you deprive them of an opportunity to leave their name and contact information under the post, you are losing this collaboration.

Enable writers to include a short bio and other information needed for self-promotion. Featuring such portfolios will not cost you anything.

Build a Personal Brand

You can make writers interested in joining your blog if you become a niche expert. For example, if your blog is about traveling, companies that are interested in promoting their products through your website will offer their guest writing services.

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You can benefit from such cooperation as you do from affiliate marketing. However, it is important to make sure that the content your partners submit is high quality and meets your blog’s style. Otherwise, you risk losing your readers because your audience can sense dishonesty.

Make Guest Posting Rules Clear

As a blog owner, you are responsible for building a relationship with guest writers. You should make it clear what you expect to get from such collaboration as well as what you can offer. It is wise to determine how the promotional links and calls-for-action can be incorporated into the texts of guest posts. If you do not want your blog to have anchor texts, you should make it clear as well. Also, if you do not want to cooperate with some businesses, you need to stipulate this too.

Final Words

Guest posting really helps in boosting your traffic. There is no way to develop it if not to cooperate with other professionals. Finding guest writers to refresh your blog is difficult because the more popular your blog is, the more companies look for cheap ways to market themselves under your brand.

Thus, as a blog owner who cares about the audience, you should filter the information that is featured under your name. You have the right to be really selective about guest writers who offer their services. But if you manage to find great specialists, it is better to stick with them.


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