Even though at one point Facebook was one of the most popular places for starting a career, nowadays it has become hated by hundreds of its former or current employees.

They are extremely unhappy with the way the superiors have been treating them and the work environment that wasn’t too good.

1. There isn’t a good organization of work

Many of the employees have complained how hard it is to organize few thousand people.

As a company Facebook is growing fast, but no one has tried to create a stable infrastructure and organize teams better.

2. Facebook is acting like it isn’t a huge corporation

People at the leading positions are acting like Facebook is some  young start up and not a huge company.

3. The worst working experience

– I have been hired by Facebook temporarily to replace an employee that was on maternity leave. Nobody has pointed me in the right direction, or even support me. The worst leaders in the world are working at Facebook.

4. They asked me to do inappropriate things  

– The senior part of the team has been treating me really badly and they ordered me to do series of inappropriate jobs such as classification of underwear of one of the leaders.

5. There are no clear rules

One of the employees claims that he has quit Facebook after then days, because his superior never gave him any feedback regarding any work that he should be doing.

6. They think they are better then they actually are

According to the former employees, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are acting as being innovative, while instead they are just extremely good at copying other brands.

7. There is not enough space and privacy in the office

One employee has complained that the bad working environment is effecting the creativity and productivity of the employees in a negative way, because they are forced to work in huge open offices where they sit one to another, without any privacy or peace.