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Are you up to a challenge? We have prepared something for you in order to both gain something and at the same time, make something clever! Blogging is, as a matter of fact, a challenge for most of us. But what about going for a challenge for your actual challenge? We thought a 7 days to a better blog idea would help you get the business on plate, since blogging is perhaps, the best online diary, job or virtual page you could ask for. Stick with us to get a sneak peek of it, as well as improving your blog with varies aspects to add on a weekly basis!

Monday is for content

If you want to take your blog to a whole new level, make sure you have quality content. Set up your niche, understand the rules and play them – until someone else’s plays them for you.

Tuesday is being reserved for organising the schedule

When having a blog, postponing might be your path to death. Tuesday is neither the first, nor the last day of the week to start organising your ideas, content and posts for the rest of the week.

Wednesday is the busy bee

Since this day is the busiest in every field, I don’t see why blogging should make an exception – but it does, since blogging is easier than most of the jobs. I would set Wednesday for payments, advertising and all the money stuff – the quicker you make it, the more you love it.

Thursday we go popular

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For once in a while, such as on Thursday, promotion is a must – get your fingers on your laptop and start commenting on blogs you didn’t before and don’t forget to sign. Sharing yourself on more and more places all over the internet brings you both popularity and money, when you less expect!

Friday we put it offline

Before shuting it down, Friday is the last day of the week – but before, we need to see how we stay in regards to the competition field. Draw some diagramas, see the percentages and so, you will know where you stand and where you should improve more on the forthcoming weeks.

Saturday we play it cool

Weekend, good time, relaxation… but have you ever heard of successful people who took breaks in their path to fame? Well, I didn’t. Get your laptop, make yourself comfortable and start being online again – now is the right time to answer emails, business inquieries and everything that has to deal with PR!

Sunday turns out to be all yourself

Even a blog needs a great and flawless appearance. And we are not reffering especially to photos and posts, but to the owner of the blog – who is you. Upgrade your About Me page and list everything you like, so that your readers will know who is the real one who ruls the blog!


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