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Are you missing members in your membership site? Just like any other online business, a successful membership site depends on the number of customers subscribing. How can you make your community members constantly grow? In this article I share seven very effective to recruit new members to your membership site strategies.

There is nothing more frustrating for a business to have its open membership site, but with few or no members.

And with good reason: it’s the same job, but with much less income!

What can you do to achieve a good rate of “recruitment” of members to your community members constantly grow?

Apart from satisfying binds specifically and very pressing your market need and have a good advertising strategy that creates a constant flow of new subscribed for your business, you can use additional strategies to significantly increase the number of people who sign up for your membership program .

Here I share seven strategies that better results have given me:

1. Offer pre-release.

Open your membership program and offer it at a discount for life for anyone who registers with that price. You put a deadline and then go up the price for all your future members. They will not want to leave, as they lose their bid price. Attract many people if you tell them that the price will rise later.

2. Exclusive Member Services.

Design a very attractive course you know that supplies a burning need for your market and open it only to your members. Invite your subscribers to participate with an attractive offer with bonuses and special gifts, etc.

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3. Creates a free membership and a paid.

Advertise free membership, but draw them to enroll in the program to show them what they are missing by not being in the payment program.

4. Bono deadline.

Offer an attractive bonus for a limited after opening the doors to your membership period. You will see that on the bonus you will fill your registration will expire.

5. Offers special prices for members.

This gives good results. Sets discounts and deals that are for members only. So you take good care of the customers you already have and you will attract even those who are not.

6. First month at a reduced price.

It’s a great tactic for those who are not 100% safe. You give them the opportunity to meet your site, see if it meets your expectations, and then make the decision to stay.

7. Sell the content, not the membership.

It is much better that post advertisements for your membership by mentioning its benefits and results obtained before offering membership as such. Remember, your potential clients want to know, “What’s in it for me?” And do not care how much they are going to deliver.

If you apply just some of these strategies, you’ll see that the number of members in your membership site will go up substantially!


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