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Trying to increase traffic to your small business’s website? Here are 7 “good??? tips that will help you out.

1. Great Aesthetic Design

One of the reasons that a website may not be getting a desirable flow of traffic could be its design. The issue of non-aesthetic design is pretty self-explanatory; if your site looks unorganized, is hard to navigate, has clashing colors, or is displeasing to the eye, people won’t visit it. Too many small businesses try to skimp on costs by designing their own website, and they suffer for it in the end.

2. Great, Optimized Layout

While aesthetic is important, optimized layout is paramount. A site’s search engine ranking (what page it will show up on in a search engine query) is affected greatly by the text that’s in its meta, alt, and title tags, on-page headlines, and anchor text of links on the page. When these categories contain good keywords and phrases that are pertinent to the small business’s website, that site will be ranked higher in search engines and gain more exposure.

3. Great Keywords

Trying to optimize your layout will be pointless if you don’t have good keywords. If it is a lawn mower selling business, but its website is using “gardening tools??? instead of “lawn mowers??? as a primary keyword, search engines will not direct users searching for “lawn mowers??? to the website. While not the perfect example, the point is that if your keywords miss the point, people will miss your site.

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4. Great, Substantial Content

It should go without saying, much like the design, that bad content begets bad traffic. If a website’s content is unintelligible, overly offensive, not directed at its readers, or just plain useless, people will stay away from it. Conversely, if a website has great content but very little of it, that website may suffer from bad traffic as well. The more inner-pages that a website has, the more content a search engine can return. Think about each of those sites as a doorway back to your main site. The more doorways you have, the better chance somebody will find a way into your site.

5. Great Interaction

One of the best things that small businesses (any type of business, really) can do nowadays is invest in social media. With how big social media sites have become, not only will you be looking at more traffic to your website, but you’ll be looking at more exposure to your business, and hopefully more profit. Social media websites will provide you the opportunity to interact with an audience through comments and emails, as well as the ability to post links to your site on other people’s pages.

6. Great Links

It’s a known fact in the blogging industry that links back to your site will cause search engines to rank you higher, so when you are able to post your link on another person’s website, you should. Get in touch with related small businesses and see if you can trades links—you put their link on your site, they put your link on theirs.

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7. Good Advertising IRL

Never underestimate the power of advertising in-real-life (IRL). Most people spend their time offline still anyway, so it never hurts to put your website’s URL on business cards, flyers, shirts, etc. Put it anywhere that people will see it, and watch the traffic increase.

By increasing traffic and getting exposure, your small business’s web presence is sure to thrive.

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