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The era of the blog is having a gigantic impact on people’s lives and is being more closely intertwined with the running of businesses. Generally written in an informal tone, these internet devices are a great way for people to keep others updates of what is going on. Teenagers and adults like to use them as a type of internet diary, while many companies and large corporations find them useful to let their consumers know about new products which are about to be released, events taking place or changes of circumstance. There are numerous web sites out there which you can use to create your blog including this one. These web sites offer tools and templates which will allow you to design and construct your blog in any way you see fit. However there are a few things you may find useful to remember. Always keep your blog snappy and engaging and try to make it as simple to follow as possible enabling your readers to remain inspired to continue reading. Also think about who you are trying to connect to with your blog and base the design and layout around them. It is also very important to keep your blog updated on a regular basis and below is a list of reasons why.


Updates and why they are mandatory


1) SEO is driven by fresh media

It’s true, the more often a blog is updated, the more it will appear near the top of the screen in Google searches. Highly searchable content is one of the fundamentals of any good blog and by blogging frequently, you can be sure of updating the world about yourself, passions or business ventures in the most painless way possible. Although you may not be too precise in regards to who your blog targets, regular updates can guarantee frequent visitors.

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2) Blogs are now one of the best sales tools on the net

Regularly maintained and updated content is a key sales technique and although there are other ways to get your message to a wide audience, blogging is definitely the most organic. Whether you are trying to sell your own stories or products for a business, keeping a frequently updated blog is the best way to highlight the fact that you, or your business, is dedicated to their work.


3) Blogging is a great addition to your own social media

Whether you have a Facebook or Twitter account, Instagram or Snapchat, inserting your blog posts can be a terrific way of keeping people following you on these sites. A blog can prove to be excellent reading material if you update regularly and with useful or interesting information. What’s more, sites such as Twitter will only allocate you with 140 characters per tweet, so why not use some of that tweet to include a link to your blog.


4) It is an excellent form of discipline

This applies to you whether you are blogging for personal or business purposes. The art of regular updates will keep your mind focused on something, a kind of neurological work out. Sometimes you may feel as if you are not in the mood, however once you have completed what you set out to do, those feel good enzymes will be released into your brain, making you feel you have achieved something, a factor which is highly rewarding.


5) Blogging can potentially make you more intelligent

Most people who blog want their posts to be noticed and if you are the same, it helps to make them interesting to read. If you are talking about key issues in your blog such as politics, business or science, it will probably help to engage in some reading before writing. This will not only expand your own knowledge of the subject you are about to discuss, but it will have an effect on your thinking as well and help you construct more creative opinions which you will manage to broadcast with more confidence.

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6) A valid way to showcase your expertise

Even on a personal level, using a blog to talk about your own talents or expertise</a> is a great way to keep people engaged and perhaps even approach you for advice. Many people who have started out this way are now paid to blog on a regular basis, strictly for this reason.


7) Humanisation

If you are working for a company, blogging is probably the best way to give it a more human touch. This is merely because it is an informal, conversational method of reaching an audience.


Bottom line

As you can see, there are many reasons to update your blog frequently, however if you have not started one yet, just remember a few thing. They are completely free to set up and initiation takes no time at all.


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