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When you consider how much money you need to get your business off the ground, there are so many variables to take into account. One that is much heralded is space. The common perception is that any business that wants to be successful in 2015 needs the space to operate. Of course, there are other important issues, but without space you increase the odds of failure, or so they say. In reality, that might not be as truthful as the some people in the industry would like you to think. As it turns out, having acres of space, both physically and digitally, isn’t going to boost necessarily your chances of success. Just take a look at the following seven reasons to shed more light on the issue.



Advanced Technologies


Once upon a time a business needed the perfect premises to perform their primary tasks. Nowadays, a business only needs an Internet connection. Due to the rise of the cyber highway and collaborative technologies, employees don’t need to sit at a desk to do their jobs. As long as it is okay with you, the boss, they can do it from home. In fact, they could even do it from the coffee shop down the street! An instant messaging service allows everyone to synchronise their work without speaking to one another face to face.


The New Generation Are Technologically Savvy


More importantly, the new generation of employees knows how to connect via the Internet. Because they grew up in the era of Facebook, Twitter and social media, it is in their nature to embrace certain technologies. Shutting down the premises for the day might seem like a good idea, but it is a terrible one if your workforce cannot perform outside of the office. The older generation, for obvious reasons, struggles to adapt to the change, and that might be a factor you have to consider. But, if your team is vibrant and knowledgeable, space is no longer an issue.


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Increases Productivity


The old method of thinking is that the more relaxing the work environment is, the better the employees will react. And, to this day, that is a theory that works and works effectively. Whereas some businesses have decided that more space in the office is the answer, the actual answer is more basic. Working from home, the place you are trying to replicate in the first place is the most comfortable environment known to man. As long as they don’t get too comfortable, the amount of work and quality of their work should increase as a result. One or two days at home a week is a great way to give them some relief from the monotony of everyday work.


Plus, there are fewer distractions at home. Okay, you cannot supervise them in the same way as you would in the office. But, in the office there are still plenty of distractions, especially other workers. Chatting away and wasting time on the Internet are two of the biggest ways that people can waste time at work.


Saves Employees Time


‘Why am I bothered about my employees? I am more concerned with the business and the bigger picture’. Your workforce and the bigger picture are inextricably linked. Without taking care

of your employees, you will find it hard to take care of your business. So, by cutting their commute to work, you give them more time. How does that help? Simply put, they can start work earlier and get more done. Also, they will not be as tired because they won’t have to travel to work. All they have to do is slide out of bed and find their laptop!


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Offers Employees A Better Quality Of Life


Sticking to the productivity path, it is safe to say that employees have to be happy to be productive. Unfortunately, work does not make most people happy. In fact, work has been known to cause families problems in their personal lives. Research shows that couples where one partner has to travel more than forty-five minutes are forty percent more likely to divorce. Once they are unhappy, they will not focus their efforts on their work because their minds will be elsewhere. A basic gesture that cuts out a long commute will make their home life happier as well as their work life.


Saves You Money


Everyone makes the same mistake because everyone has the same idea. In your head, you can see the huge offices with your name above the door. However, at the start of your lifecycle these premises are too much too soon. Quite simply, you are paying for space that you cannot use, and you are wasting money as a result. By downsizing and only using what you need, your business becomes more financially efficient. Plus, if you need more space, you will always be able to find cheap storage costs for the time being. In the short-term, that is a fantastic solution as you can expand at a rate that suits your needs. When you grow too quickly, you end up overreaching and collapsing as a result.


Makes You More Mobile


As we have already mentioned, when you don’t specify your workspace you broaden your options. What was once a rigid desk as an office becomes a variety of different locations around, well around the world! You don’t just have to work from home because you can work from anywhere with an Internet connection. So, it might be the Starbucks down the street, or it might be the Starbucks in Barcelona’s busy Plaza. The point is that your business becomes mobile. Anyone can work from anywhere in the world and kill two birds with one stone. Instead of the inflexible nature of usual business procedures, you are free to multi-task. Consequently, you become more efficient at handling your affairs. And, just as importantly, you open your business up to new business opportunities and a wider customer base. You get all that from condensing space.


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In Summary


Although it might come across as the best method, sometimes working from the office doesn’t suit everyone. Just because it is conventional doesn’t make it effective.



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