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Commercial storage space is expensive. You should be using every spare meter the correct way so you’re utilizing every dollar available to you.

It’s not difficult to make some changes in your commercial storage space. It just requires you to be diligent about it. Our guide is going to show you seven tips for how you can go about maximizing your commercial storage space.

It’s All in the Organizing

Do you have an organizational structure for your commercial storage? If not, then that’s the core of your problem.

Without an organizational structure, it’s inevitable that things are going to get cluttered and difficult to work with. Have a system in place for where things go and who’s responsible for making sure that things stay tidy.

For example, put vertical storage machinery in one place and have labels for where the accessories for that machinery should go.

Tidy Your Commercial Storage Space Regularly

You should go through your commercial storage space and clear it out a few times every year. The reason why things get cluttered is because there’s so much inside that’s unused yet never goes anywhere.

Assign someone to oversee this so someone is taking responsibility. Problems happen when nobody has responsibility for a function.

Clear out those unwanted items a few times every year. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Use Your Vertical Space

The great thing about commercial storage buildings is they tend to come with high ceilings. Don’t just think about floor space when you’re coming up with a tight business plan. Think about how you can use that vertical space to get even more space to store things.

This is especially important as your business expands.

Consolidate Locations

Are you storing the same items in totally different places? This tends to happen when you have too much space. Not only is it inefficient but it’s a waste of space.

Consolidate locations. Similar items should be grouped together. Don’t have different departments spread over a wide space.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Off-Site

Fulfillment is part of what commercial storage space is all about. Don’t encroach upon your workspace. Find a place off-site for those items you rarely use.

Be strict about how much space you need to work freely and don’t inflict overstock on those areas for any reason.

How Big are Your Aisles?

The majority of commercial storage locations are designed with aisles in mind. Often this is where space gets wasted. Yes, it looks nicer when you have wide aisles, but you’re also wasting valuable space at the same time.

Use the minimum amount of aisle width required to get heavy machinery through safely. That way you might find you can create even more aisles.

Consider Where Your Doors Are

It’s common practice for commercial storage space to have multiple doors for shipping and receiving. Obviously, there are strict regulations on how much space you’re allowed to have for safety reasons. This is a significant amount of space lost.

A way around it is to combine shipping and receiving, so you can seal off the other door and create yet more space.

Last Word – Making the Most of Your Money

With the price of storage space in the commercial sector, you have to make the most of it or you’re going to struggle. The answer to this is to make sure that you’re being as efficient as you can.

There’s also a side effect to making these changes. You’re going to be making your workspace more efficient. And everyone knows that time is money.

Do you have any other ideas for maximizing your commercial storage space?

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