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To help you save time and be more productive you will need to use different offline and online tools.This time I will cover some basic tools that you can find online and mostly free, which can help you to work from home.

No matter what type of work you do online, you need to stay organized and use the tools that most of the people use.Because if most of the people found it helpful, probably you will too, and those tools probably will be free and built by some respected company or a person.

It’s always good to use tools who are having big community around it, so you can easy find fast solutions and new features.

As we know, Internet is safer place these days then it was 10 years ago. Sure I’m not telling that online world is 100% secure now but more and more people are working on it to be safe and secure place for ourselves and generations that will come.I’m telling you about security because when it comes to paying and buying stuff online, this next tool is life saver.

Paypal – is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. Millions of people all around the globe are using this tool. Again not all of the people are satisfied with the rules and ways of this company, but I bet those rules are there to secure you more. Every story has a two sides, so try to look it from that angel and always stay open minded.

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For handling your online business transactions Paypal will be just right and good enough to trust him.

Now, when it comes to documents and emails for your online business, Google will take care for those requests pretty well.

Google Documents –  will help you to assign jobs to your stuff and handle your documents and data that are going in and out daily through your company or small business.

Most of small business owners, bloggers or anyone who work online are always checking their mail first. And I know from my personal experience, every morning checking my email is an easy task because of gmail.

Gmail – is a free email service from Gooogle too, since I wrote about google documents i didn’t want to exclude this amazing tool :).

Sending and receiving emails with these guys is a piece of cake, and many people like when they see in your email. It tells them that you are a real person for most of the times.

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Our constant need for connecting with people is huge, the success of social networking sites like facebook and google plus is showing just that. Connecting with our family, friends, and business partners is what we do on a daily basis, the one of the fastest ways is to use skype.

Skype – voip tool that went from being sold to Ebay first and now to Microsoft is showing how important his role is in this online theater. Talk, chat, use video and much more and connect with your customers and business partners. You can work from anywhere with this tool not just from home.

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LinkedIn – mange your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network, show the people who you are and what you are expert in, give them a chance to work with you and build a stronger business relationship.

I love images and many of you guys too, the rapid growth of pinterest proved it. But where you can upload your pictures knowing that they will be safe and that possible followers and customers will be able to find them. Well that’s why we have Flickr, the most used photo management website on planet and alexa ranking of 48 most visited sites tells you everything.

Flickr – the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world.

You can’t have online business without hosting, how else will you be able to host your files of your website or blog. Hosting plays the big part of our lives and the most important one. There are plenty hosting companies online right now, and they are really good and up to the task, but one is setting the standards.

Hostgator Hosting – I use them personally, and they didn’t disappointed me yet, hope they never will. If you need hosting for your business then they are the right choice. They are good for small business hosting and big businesses too, for your personal website or blog, anything you need to host your “work from home” business.

If you have some suggestions or tools that you use, and find them very helpful for you and your business, please share with others in comments.

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