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Life is full of unexpected surprises. We never know if and when our jobs will be lost, what family vacations or expenditures might arise, or whether our homes will suddenly need repairs. Most Americans make enough money to pay the basic bills, but then fall short on savings and unexpected expenses. It’s time to be prepared for the unexpected by making a little extra money on the side.

Top 7 Ways to Make Money with Little Effort

  1. Advertise on your car. We have all seen the cars going down the street with ads for products or services on them. Do not assume that the driver owns or works for the company. Advertising firms hire out drivers to be moving billboards. The length of time can vary from a few months to a few years. Income depends on the advertising firm, but varies from $400 to $900 a month.
  2. Do direct sales. There are a number of direct sales companies out there. Avon and Pampered Chef are two very well-known companies but there are a host of others. You can sell anything from purses to home decor to knives and more. The sales are dependent on successful house parties, but you are in charge of your own business so the profit you make is determined by how much you want to work.
  3. Own a vending machine. Vending machines that are properly placed and maintained have been reported to earn the owners up to $1 million a year. That’s a lot of extra change in your pocket for doing little daily work. Companies such as 1.800.Vending help with selecting the right machine, the best placement for your area, and offer a 7-year warranty on the machines. All you have to do is stock it, and if you make enough money you can hire someone else to do the stocking for you. That makes the operation completely hands free.
  4. Work as a freelancer. There are a host of sites that can offer reasonable pay for freelance writers or designers. There are even freelance telecommuting administrative assistant positions. The job might take a little longer to fall into, and the pay isn’t regular, but it makes a good supplemental income and you can do it from home. It’s about knowing where to look for the jobs.
  5. Sell your old gold. Gold is worth a small fortune right now. If there is gold in your house that you no longer want or need, sell it. The price per ounce varies depending on the company that buys it so shop around to find out who has the best price. Also, before mailing anything in take a picture of what you sent and weigh it yourself. A kitchen scale is useful for this purpose.
  6. Staff events and conventions. Large companies often participate in large events and conventions. They sometimes need people to work at the event for them to market their products or hand out free merchandise. These positions are hourly and irregular, but for a little extra money on the side they are ideal.
  7. Become mystery shopper. Retail stores and restaurants pay companies to hire out mystery shoppers. These people come into their establishment, survey the quality of service while making designated purchases, then turn in a report after their visit. Under no circumstances are they to let the establishment know they are there to shop. The companies do this to ensure that their stores are following customer service procedures as dictated in their rules. These jobs pay based on the store you shop, and work is irregular, but in most cases you get compensated for the goods you purchased.
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With the proper plan you can make cash by working from home. The income is not usually substantial enough to live on, but some have found success in these markets. If you combine several of them, you could be looking at some serious money.

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