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Is your wallet looking a little thin? While it’s easy to get caught up in finding ways to make more money, cutting down on your current expenses can prove just as effective. And this doesn’t necessarily mean making any sacrifices. Here are seven painless ways to quickly reduce your expenses, giving you more to put towards the important stuff.

Stock up on Snacks

We’re all prone to giving in to temptation and picking up a convenient snack from the coffee shop, restaurant or vending machine while we’re out and about. Aside from being expensive, these occasional indulgences aren’t all that great for your health either. Avoid this entirely by keeping a few healthy snacks with you, such as nuts, trail mix, and granola bars.

Save on Insurance

From car to life to health to travel insurance, playing it safe can be pretty expensive. The best you can do is compare prices and keep an eye out for competing insurance companies that offer the same or better services for a lower monthly premium. Get a new home insurance policy quote online to potentially save hundreds of dollars per month.

Negotiate for a Better Deal

Write up a list of companies that provide you with services such as internet, cable, phone, etc. and negotiate a better deal. This is becoming an increasingly common practise in areas where ISP and cable services are often extremely overpriced. More often than not, the service provider is willing to offer a discount to keep your business.

Start Gardening

There are countless benefits to starting your own garden. The most obvious being that you’ll save a ton of money on groceries in the long run, especially if you focus on vegetables that are easy to grow. Even with a few seeds, you’ll quickly end up with excess produce that you can either sell, give away or toss in a jar to ferment for winter.

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Walk More

Driving is expensive. Public transport is cheaper, and walking is even cheaper, not to mention being great for your mental and physical wellbeing. If point A is a little further from point B than a walk would be comfortable for, consider investing in a bicycle. It’s a great way to get around and costs nothing to maintain.

Reduce Your Electricity Usage

If you haven’t already, switch out all the old light bulbs in your home for CFL or LED bulbs. Use power strips and timers to automatically turn electronics off when they’re not in use. Smart power strips will even eliminate the phantom charge that goes to waste on your home electronics at night.

Save on Soap

You can save 50% on every hand wash and shower gel product by simply splitting the liquid into two containers and filling the other half with water. It’s just as effective and lasts twice as long. Don’t hesitate to try out different, cheaper hygiene products.


Being more mindful of where your money is going can make a world of a difference. More often than not, a simple solution is lying right in front of you.

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