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Whether you’re a business that needs to generate leads, an individual looking to grow their personal brand, or anything in-between—building a strong social media presence is paramount.

However, if you don’t use automation tools, it’s going to take a lot more time and money will be wasted in the process.

While there are many different tools out there, here are 8 that are proven to automate and grow your social media presence …

1) Social Oomph

Social Oomph aims to boost your social media productivity across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and more. It does this by easily allowing you to schedule posts, upload content for posts, manage DMs, automatically follow people, and get an easy overview of all of your accounts and their growth.

The pro edition also allows you to track the competition, automatically create Twitter lists based on certain criteria, use RSS feeds to post content, and much more.

2) TweetDeck

TweetDeck focusses on Twitter and is one of the best solutions for monitoring and managing multiple Twitter accounts. You can customize your dashboard to show exactly what you need and it easily lets you schedule Tweets, and perform all of Twitter’s functions.

If part of your strategy involves keeping an eye on your feeds, then this is the perfect solution.

3) SocialPilot

For the professionals on LinkedIn, SocialPilot is just what you need to grow your audience, generate leads, and identify the influencers and thought-leaders that can benefit you or your business. It also allows you to easily schedule posts, more easily find jobs, and connect with people in your field.

Their analytics system is also invaluable for monitoring progress and tweaking your strategy.

4) HubSpot

As well as being a leading resource for internet marketers, HubSpot also provides one of the leading automation tools to help grow your social media presence, especially if you represent a larger business or brand.

By analyzing your profiles and providing you with the core data you need to make informed decisions, HubSpot allows you to really dig down and build a strategy for success.

It works for all major platforms and the range of features vary depending on the package you desire. If you don’t have the funds up front, it may be worth seeking a $1,000 loan from a reputable online provider.

5) Buffer

Buffer is a comprehensive tool for social media automation and is particularly useful for scheduling and automating LinkedIn posts.

You can easily apply images and links to your posts for both personal and business profiles, and many of the core features are free.

Paid offerings include pulling content from RSS feeds, analytics, calendar support and much more.

6) SocialDrift

If you’re looking for Instagram growth then SocialDrift can automate a lot of the work via its ‘smart automation,’ process. It does this by responding to some of your own preferences and drilling down into the data to find your target audience. It also spits out weekly and monthly reports so you can see the progress. Premium accounts also come with a dedicated proxy, so nothing gets flagged, and the ability to use the tool on as many Instagram profiles as you desire.

7) Tweepi

Tweepi for Twitter allows you to carry out many bulk actions that you can’t with Twitter’s own app and there are over 16 ways to filter searches, giving you much more targeted control. You can also follow and unfollow users in bulk based on filters you select.

Tweepi’s latest update ‘Sigma’ is artificially intelligent, suggesting the Tweets that are most suitable for you to reply, like and re-Tweet. It will also automatically follow users most relevant to your profile.

Premium plans are based on the scale of your activities.

8) Unfollowers

Unfollowers by Satusbrew is a tool for all major social platforms that allows you to easily schedule and publish posts across platforms, manage your audience and automate following/liking and vice versa, and monitor growth via detailed analytics.

If you are in charge of a team you can also keep track of conversations and collaborate on projects together.

No matter which social media platforms you use and the type of automation required, there is a solution above for everyone.

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