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Most Americans are very focused on how to save more money or frugal living, but why don’t more of us focus on making more money? With saving or frugality, consumers and families can only go so far to cut wasteful spending or plan their budgets for the month, because at some point, everyone has fixed costs to survive. For example, we all have to pay a mortgage or monthly rent, food, utilities, basic hygiene products, car insurance if we drive, fuel, etc. The basic expenses of living can never go to zero or anywhere close, and if you only make $30,000 per year, it’s going to be pretty difficult to become a millionaire anytime soon.

Making more money is appealing to nearly everyone. Who doesn’t want to start a retirement fund, go out more often, put the kids through college, pay off the mortgage early, or feel free to spend a little extra when the mood strikes? Well, there are many ways to accomplish these goals, and here are just a few suggestions to make more money.

Building A Business Online

Online businesses allow the freedom of working when you wish and from nearly anywhere you have Internet access. There is also minimal financial investment as long as you have a computer and internet connection. Think of the possibilities for your business, using your skills, business knowledge and past experience. Consider starting a blog about a topic or hobby you have a passion for – that is usually the best way to start since you will likely enjoy the time you put into your project, and any money you make from it is just icing on the cake.

Select venues for marketing your services and begin advertising in all free areas you can find, including telling family and friends about your new venture. You’ll be surprised how much free traffic you can get from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest, especially the latter if you are targeting a female demographic and using imagery in your posts. Even if the service you are offering entails an offline component, such as a brick and mortar store or in-person consultation, the internet is still a great place to get the word out and gain a clientele to make more money. recently noted that Chitika, an advertising network, found that “43 percent of the overall query volume coming from Google (mobile and PC) carried a local intent???, while followed up with an article explaining that “49 percent of mobile auto searchers even end up making a purchase the same day of their research???. If online searches can directly convert into in-store sales, can any business, online or offline, afford to be missing out on this free traffic source?

Teaching At Your Local Community College

If you are retired, have strong credentials in your hobby, or have a degree in a subject but don’t work in the industry, consider approaching your local community college to teach. For instance, real estate agents or brokers, lawyers specializing in tax law or intellectual property, and engineers may all be qualified to teach courses in their respective fields. For 2-3 hours a night, 3 times a week, with summers off, you may be able to bring in a solid second income while keeping in touch with up and coming stars and trends in the industry. You never know when one of your students may just become a very influential person in your trade.

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Long-Term Income

Sometimes making extra money isn’t quick, but the overall effort is worth the reward. The following are five suggestions for residual income that can last for decades.

Royalties. This goes right back to being a writer or musician. Once you have recorded a CD or written a short story or ebook, the royalties will come in for as long as you hold the rights to the work. This can generate income for years. The only difficulty: creating a product, service, or white paper that stands the test of time and can be considered a value.

Publishing. Self-publishing an e-book or offering your original music for download is a great way to generate a second income. You can choose to go it alone, and create a website to market yourself, or try to sell it via Amazon’s electronic bookstore or iTunes. If you are a first time author or artist, we highly recommend you start out by getting your name out there and not going the completely commercial route. Consider for your new songs or contributing to sophisticated publications to build your credibility. If this interests you, consider other digital products to sell as well.

Photography. Exhibiting your photographs online can bring you cash every time someone downloads them for use. Photographers can use iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, and/or ShutterFly.

Freelance Writing. Having writing skills and never using them are a waste. Begin searching local and national magazines, papers and websites looking for freelance writers and editors. Writers can even join networks or agencies that provide regular work for freelancers. Freelance writing is particularly popular with work-at-home moms who find the job flexible and well-paid, especially if you’ve developed a reputation for high quality, well-researched articles that result in many social media shares and media attention for the website you are writing for.

Develop A Business

There are so many possibilities for home businesses that it’s impossible to list them all, but here are five suggestions for building a business from your home using empty space or working virtually.

Child Care. If you don’t work during the day and are a stay-at-home mom, there is no better business opportunity than childcare. Make certain to get licensed by your state and town, advertise, and begin caring for working parents’ children.

Pet Care. Along the same lines as childcare, you can begin taking pets into your home while people work or go on vacation. Animal lovers find this a wonderful opportunity to bond with local pet owners and provide safe care for their furry friends.

Online Administrative Assistance. Many businesses search for “virtual??? administrative assistants to perform online research, edit communication or marketing materials, and provide customer service tasks. If you have these skills, search online listings and submit your resume.

Photography/Videography. When friends tell you that your pictures are amazing, take it as a hint to offer photography and video services at weddings, parties and special events. You may be surprised to learn that wedding photographers are very well paid for one days work.

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Stay-at-home parents or natural entrepreneurs can learn more about the best home businesses.

Share Knowledge:

Do you enjoy teaching or sharing your knowledge? Capitalize on your special skills.

Educational Tutor. Special one-on-one instruction is always in demand, so make yourself available for students needing tutors in your field of expertise. People will be grateful for your help and willing to pay a reasonable rate to ensure their success.

Consultant. Ever want to know how you can use your experience in business or career development and make money at the same time? Offer your services as a consultant and let people hire you for your knowledge. Assist new entrepreneurs in business start-up plans. Coach those changing careers, in resume writing and interview skills. There are many ways to profit from consulting work.

For instance, I have a family friend who was immensely successful owning car washes. After selling his own business and taking a couple years off to enjoy life, he was approached by other business-owners in the industry to help them build up their car washes. His experience and insight allowed him to cut their business costs and improve efficiency, taking a percentage of their increased profitability.

Financial Planning. When the everyday rat race of the financial world becomes too much, set up your own business as a financial planner. If you have the skills and knowledge to advise people on investments, real estate holdings, or even simple accounting and tax procedures, this is the business for you.

Online Classes. Many virtual colleges, or universities with off-site classrooms, hire remote instructors. You can literally be anywhere in the world and still teach a full college course completely online.

Quick Money

Here are five suggestions for making more money fairly fast. The important thing is to find what is right for your needs, area and capabilities, and begin reaping the rewards.

Paid Testers. Many cosmetics companies, food companies and medical facilities pay money to test their services and products. As long as you meet the criteria, you can be paid for participating in their studies and giving opinions about products.

Medical Donations. Many people need help starting a family or obtaining a bone marrow match. Some medical facilities pay a fairly decent amount for these donations; along with having the satisfaction of knowing your donation helped someone in need.

Musical Talent. Have you always wanted to be a performer? If you play an instrument and/or sing, you can find part-time work at bars, restaurants or local festivals. Even if the job doesn’t pay much, audience tips certainly help make it worthwhile.

Restaurant and Bar Servers. If you have a job during the day and only have nights available, finding extra work as a server or bartender in your area can really help you make more money. In a popular establishment, even one night a week can put quite a bit of extra cash in your pocket.

Recycling. Collect your soda cans instead of throwing them out. If you have old metal hanging around, recycle it. Recycling metal, plastic, and glass can really add up over time. This is likely a better way to save money than to make more money, but it still counts when you can recycle cans, glass beer bottles, and plastic water bottles to make a good chunk of change.

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Other fast ways to make money online can be found here.

Selling and Renting

There is always something kicking around the house that you don’t use; probably many things if you really look. Here are five excellent suggestions on how to clean out your living space and make money at the same time.

Sell Old Items Online. Go online to Craigslist or eBay and list old clothing, books, CDs, furniture, etc., and make some cash. You don’t need it and someone else is willing to pay for it.

Pawn Shops. Not only are pawnshops a great place to buy items at a reasonable price, but also they will buy your unwanted goods for cash.

Gift Cards. Do you have a pile of gift cards that you are never going to use? List them online and let someone buy them for a slightly cheaper rate than the amount on the card.

Flea Markets. Clean out that attic and basement, and head to the local flea market. For a small weekly space fee, you can sell and barter with people on the spot for instant cash. If you live on a busy street, set up a yard sale and get unused items out of your home. Invite neighbors to bring their unwanted stuff and agree to share a percentage of their profits as well.

Renting Space. What if you have a huge garage and someone else doesn’t have one? Rent out one side of it and make some income while they store items or park their car. If you live near several businesses or park and ride areas, rent out part of your driveway during the day for commuters. This also works for renting out a room in your home.

Form A Plan

Now you have dozens of suggestions for making money from a home business, but there are countless more. Whichever product or service you choose to focus on, providing excellent customer service and quality products is the way to gain an excellent reputation and grow your client base. When one client recommends you to another, your business starts to grow and money can begin pouring in. Remember to keep all finances in order for state and federal tax purposes. Be organized, dedicated, and work hard to build your business but, always take time for yourself. Being tired and cranky isn’t rewarding or profitable.

Get set for a new adventure. Form a business, offer your services and embark on a rewarding future. There is no end to the possibilities of making more money for yourself and your family. The most important thing to remember is that whatever you choose to do, make sure it is something you enjoy and don’t waste the extra money you make – put it towards safe investments or paying off your mortgage early. If you feel rewarded and fulfilled, your endeavor is destined to become successful.

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