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Although we are so dependent on our car to get us from A to B, sometimes it may seem like we can’t afford it at all. Not only do you have to worry about maintenance, tax, and insurance, but fuel prices are breathtakingly expensive too. With no signs of the situation getting any better, we thought we’d do the country a solid and provide some great tips on how to conserve your fuel.

Drive Responsibly

Hurtling along the roads obviously isn’t going to be good for your fuel usage. Drive smoothly and change gears seamlessly. Fast speeds mean more fuel is needed to power the engine. Also this should go without saying, but the safety of you and people around takes precedent. You don’t want to have the need to consider legal advice and use a driving offence lawyer to defend your irresponsibility!

Go Steady on the Brakes

If you can get away with coasting (using the force of going downhill to your advantage), you won’t need to brake as much. See it as a tactical choice to keep the driving experience smooth. If you know that a roundabout is coming up, completely ease off the accelerator to prevent braking suddenly. Once you’ve stopped, you’ll have to use your accelerator pedal more heavily, so always think two moves ahead.


Let’s be honest now. How much unnecessary junk is in our cars? Get rid of that extra bulk. Anything that isn’t absolutely essential should be cleared out. More weight means more effort for the car.

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Stay Cool

When it comes to cooling yourself down in the car, you’re damned whatever you do. The air conditioning system is infamous for how much fuel it drains from your tank. However, having the windows down ruins the aerodynamics of the car, which leads to greater fuel inefficiencies. So choose your poison.

Switch It Off

Stuck in traffic? You’re going to be here a while, so turn off your engine and conserve fuel.

Be Good

Stick to the speed limits. The faster you go, the more fuel you’ll waste (it’s also illegal to go above the limit, so…don’t).

Check Your Tyres

Tyre pressure is so important for many reasons, but in this article, we’re focusing on saving you money. Under-inflated wheels cause serious friction, which drags you back and wastes more fuel. Always check that your tyres are at the right pressure. Most garages have a machine that makes it simple to correct any deflation.

Ditch the Short Journeys

If your destination is just a mile or two down the road, ditch the car and get on your bike or walk. There’s no need to use your fuel and it’s better for you to get a little fresh air!

Motivate Yourself

Usually, the hard facts bring the truth home. Work out your fuel consumption by filling up your tank and taking note of your mileage. Record how many miles you clock every day and how much it has cost you, until you’re out of fuel. It may make you think twice about throttling your car and making any unnecessary journeys.

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