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Making money and building a fortune is essential if you want stable finances. So, I have some ideas on how you can make money in 2016 and beyond:

Get Involved In Ridesharing/Delivery!

2016 has definitely seen some big money making opportunities involving transport. We have the rise in ridesharing companies like Uber, giving you a chance to earn cash. Become an Uber driver, and you can make money by driving people around, simple! But, we’ve also seen the start of a fast-food delivery revolution. Companies like Deliveroo employ people to deliver fast food locally. All you have to do is ride your bike around, and you get paid. A great way to make some extra money on the side this year.

Make Money From Social Media!

In the last 24 months, social media has really proven itself to be a money maker. There are loads of individuals that have made a lot of money on various social networking sites. The biggest example is YouTube, where regular content creators are earning bucket loads each year. Then, you have people on Instagram and Twitter that are ‘social media famous’. They have large followings, which opens the door to opportunities. Companies pay them to promote products, and they get lots of free stuff. Before it got shut down the other week, Vine was also a great example of how people made money on social media. Start growing a large social following and you can make a lot of money in 2016.

Invest, Invest, Invest!

If you want to make money, then you’re going to have to spend some. Investing your cash is a great way to start earning money in 2016 and beyond. What the should do is look for investment opportunities that are good for the future. I’m talking about buying shares in companies that have bright futures ahead of them. There are loads of companies that have just started making a name for themselves this year and would be fine investments. The great thing is, there is loads of investment advice online from sites like The Fortunate Investor. Investment advice can help you get more from your money, and earn bigger profits.

Start A Side Business From Home!

Finally, you can make money by starting a little business from home. That’s right, you can run a side business without leaving your home! 2016 has seen more advancements in things like digital communications. This makes it easier for you to conduct your business on the internet. Great little business ideas include starting a blog and becoming a freelancer. You can make a lot of money with both ideas, and they can be done in your spare time too.

The great thing about all these ideas is that they don’t require your full attention. You can make loads of money while still working your regular job as well. Or, if you’re a student, these ideas are perfect for you. Use them to finance your way through college or earn some extra cash for parties! No matter who you are, these ideas are great.

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