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It’s been a dozen years since the Clover POS redefined how point of sale systems could work and what extra duties they could cover, and in that time, both the industry and the brand have grown beyond what anyone could have predicted. It’s not only easier to find specialized point of sale systems for practically any industry than it was at any point before its debut, the Clover family itself has diversified enough to have an offering for practically any company that has a public-facing business model. While the original Clover was incredibly easy to customize for many businesses, its app-based system still left some companies feeling left out without additional purchases of software and materials. That’s changed with the Clover 2.0 and its cousins, so if you’ve been waiting to find the perfect upgrade, let’s take a look at what you can choose from this year.

Booker: The POS for Appointment-Based Businesses

The Booker Clover variant is one of the sharpest dedicated systems in the whole family of Clover products, and it is also quite unique because it’s one of the few POS machines by any manufacturer to prioritize the needs of salons and other appointment-based service businesses that also retail goods. With advanced features for scheduling, sales reports, a time clock app, and inventory tracking, it’s easy to see it as an all-in-one business management machine. You can schedule appointments to individual stylists, track the client’s past history, and even offer sales, clubs, and discounts. Like most other Clover builds, it even has options for gift card sales, so your customers can gift each other a beauty day at your business.

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Flex: Mobile Transactions and More

Mobile sales are growing year upon year, and it’s a trend that’s not likely to stop any time in the near future. As a result, a lot of private cash transfer services that previously focused on ecommerce between individuals and escrow for auctions have moved into the card processing and payment business. The downside is their rates, which are often much higher than the rates offered by traditional merchant account services and payment processors. Still, how else can you take card payments from a mobile device? With the CloverFlex, that’s how.

  • Familiar Clover OS and app system
  • Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity for use anywhere
  • Perfect for mobile transactions or alleviating rushes
  • Take cards, cash, or checks as you choose

Clover 2.0: Your Full-Service System

If you’re looking to upgrade to a Clover POS system that can handle anything your business needs, including support for table service and other specialized management apps, you should look at the Clover 2.0 station. Built with versatility in mind, it comes with many of the features that used to be add-ons right out of the box, including the ability to process chip transactions. It’s also got a full cash drawer and all the other bells and whistles you expect from a flagship system designed to serve a busy business. Check it out today and learn more about its features for yourself.


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