Have you ever considered getting a job in the legal industry? It can be a huge challenge, but in many cases, rewarding and lucrative in terms of pay. Here’s a quick rundown of 4 of the highest paying legal jobs out there:


An attorney can make a $95,000 median base salary. You would represent and advise people and businesses in criminal and civil litigation.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

As an intellectual property lawyer you could earn a median salary of $143,000. Those on the high end of the scale earn over $270,000. Your job would be to protect ideas such as patents and trademarks.

Law School Professor

A law school professor performs and researches scholarly works in their area of expertise. Some professor salaries can reach more than $300,000.

Chief Legal Officer

A chief legal officer heads the law departments of corporations. Multi national corporations can meet 7 figures when you take into account bonuses and things like that. Most recently a woman CLO took home over $6 million.

If law is something you’re interested in now after getting an idea of how much you can make, you can take a look at the infographic below to get a feel for the law classroom. However, rest assured it’s going to be plenty of hard work.

You’ll need to train for years and it’ll be one of the most challenging things you decide to do. However, it will always help you to create a better future for yourself and others!

Credit to University of Southern California Online