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Accountants Are Doing Advertising. And It’s Pretty Hilarious.

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There’s been a lot of talk about tax and budgets after George Osborne’s Autumn Statement on December 3.



And much of this talk has been about the Chancellor’s broken promises. In 2010 Osborne vowed to balance the government’s books and write off the deficit, but it seems he’s not made many inroads on that count. The deficit remains high and government borrowing is expected to remain stubbornly high. (For a good summary, check out this article by Alexander & Co Accountants).


But according to Taking Stock, the humorous column on the Accountancy Age website, it’s not all doom and gloom. After all, if things were that bad, accountants wouldn’t be investing money in video advertising. They said, “you don’t need the OBR or ‘business sentiment indices’ to tell you how well the UK is performing. If accountancy firms are shelling out on video marketing, then things must be on the up.???


We do think they might have failed to realise that the increasingly complex tax system, which shows no sign of getting any simpler, is what keeps all these accountants busy. And changes like the “Google??? tax are going to create new problems for accountancy firms to circumnavigate.


Anyway, that’s besides the point. Let’s get to the videos, which are just so much better than we expected.


The first comes from the team at Alliotts have produced a short-but-sweet trailer complete with a gruff, American voiceover guy. It falls somewhere in between a promo for The Apprentice and a blockbuster action movie.

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While Alliotts have done a good job, they’ve been undone by the guys at Cassons. The trailer has better production values than a lot of the stuff on iTunes and a “gripping??? storyline that involves deadline deals, business structure, auto-enrolment and bakewell tarts. By far the best is a tongue-in cheek reference to 300’s infamous speech with a call to arms for accountants everywhere: “You are Chartered Accountants!???.


It’d be great to see what other accountancy firms would come up with. We imagine a lot of them wouldn’t allocate the budget to it though!


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