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Ackwired - The marketplace for buying and selling websites.

Would you like to have your own website, but can not think of how to promote it and get it to a state you wish? Are you looking for one that is already on the business? If so, you are at the right place! Still, there is a question that waits for an answer – do you have a website that has just went viral, but wish to sell it to someone that can take good care of it (and besides, wish to make some money by selling it to a person that can continue your work)? In case any of the questions above had a positive answer, Ackwired is what you need to put your thoughts into action!

How Ackwired works

The first thing you see when accessing the Ackwired listing offer is the organized platform – you get the answer to any question you may raise by just a click. If you are looking to buy an established website, you get to browse through a wide list of categories of websites – all of them differ by name, niche, price and domain. It is all free and all of the websites come with a high quality approval to give you only the best from the best.

Also, if you are looking to sell your own website, you can do that by submitting it for free on the list of websites found on the Ackwired platform. Another advantage of doing so is the fact that your website can be seen by anyone in the world – it means more chances for you to sell it and get the best price!

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Have you been looking for a website that is already grown and wish to take it up? Great! Ackwired is about to fulfill your wish – all you need to do is to keep an eye on the list of websites to choose the best one. In addition, you can make an offer anytime and by the 7th day you will get your website on your name.

A massive advantage Ackwired comes with consists in the fact that all the procedures are legal, so the copywriting, quality and promotion will not be a problem to the new owner. The transaction is extremely easy yet very helpful and a steal, since the prices are more than favorable to the new owner.

In short, Ackwired can help you get a lot of troubles off your shoulders – not only is it able to help you find the right website for you to own, but also can find you the best buyer for your established one. It is a win-win strategy that will get you the outcome expected on both sides!


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