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When it comes to online advertising, many of us have come up with the new ways of advertising and attracting new customers. But what about the offline world? There are just few ways to advertise with good ROI, and I jut wanted to share with you another way to do good offline advertising and expand your business.

Every day on your way to work or when you go out, you can see billboards, but what about mobile billboards? There aren’t many right?

But now, the future is here and it’s changing the traditional ways of advertising slowly, and it’s green technology.

It’s called AdBicy and it caught my attention for sure.


AdBicy is most complete modular advertising billboard in the world, unique in it’s easy to operate principle and in its high efficiency in attracting customer eyes in many interesting ways. Developed to satisfy any marketing needs by transforming itself in many unique different advertising billboards, can assure hundreds of unique campaigns using the same billboards but in different ways. Creation is the most important word in advertising, now you can create your own unique advertising billboard for your printed ads.

It’s created so that anyone can use it and see it right away, it can be used by humans, you can attach it to your bicycle, or a simple robot, that’s right, a robot.  What I liked the most about it, is that it actually can be transformed in different sizes and it can fit in one bag.

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Now, that’s what I call a great product to promote my business with, it’s simply impossible not to see it on the streets. Which will make sure that more people will see what you’re promoting.

Eco friendly. Green advertising!

Built mostly of recycled aluminum and relying on pedal power entirely, AdBicy is a green marketing solution that can be integrated perfectly into a more responsible urban society. This will reflect on your brand identity, as a social responsibility true pillar.

The simple and useful technology behind it is what attracted me even more, I noticed that they have  powerful 10 W voice amplifiers with MP3 and Usb module for jingles. You can use this to add sounds and make your mobile billboards even more attractive and appealing.

Easy to Track

Tracking your campaign’s activity has never been easier! With the portable quad band GPS you are able to constantly check on the location and route. It showcases outstanding functions like multiple tracking options, internal memory for logging, voice monitoring (listen in), multiple alarm options and more. This type of campaign management will ensure the best results.

The AdNetwork

You can combine them and create your own network of ads on one place, mobile and user friendly. This means more promotional power to your campaign and more money saved on those extra billboards you will need. And with sizes of billboards racing up to 3 meters in length and 1.8 m in height, AdBicy makes sure you get noticed.


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