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There comes the time in your webmaster life when you want to monetize the hard work you have done for your website or blog.

After some time you realize that there is nothing bad in monetizing  your work, you’ve deserved it and you need to pay domain names, hosting bills and much more if you are a bigger community.

Then you get involved with online advertisement opportunities like Adsense and now I will show you couple of others too.

Adsense are text or picture ads that are provided from advertisers that payed Google  to be advertised on sites like your.

Advertiser pays the Google and Google include their ads in Adsense code which you copy and paste in on your site, every time someone clicks on one of your ads, you get paid. That’s right you get paid for click and some more options which you can check on Google adsense page.

Now, since Adsense has a lots of advertisers, sometimes the money you make is not worth the trouble.

Trust me, couple of years ago it was amazing, earnings were high, very very high, but today there’s just too many websites and just people are familiar with these types of ads so the click through rate is low.

But you can still have adsense on your website, you can make enough for coffee with your friends, (smile), you don’t need to stop using them, just consider  that you have more options to make money online with ads.

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And now comes the interesting part, there is couple more companies that became top competitor for Google adsense.

They evolved and are just good opportunity to make people click on your ads because they never saw them before and are just interesting to them.

These adsense alternatives are even better to called them just alternatives but that’s for another story.

Many of these sites started revolution in online advertising, they are beautiful, innovative, fast, reliable, good chance for making more money then with adsense.

If you decide to put some other ads together with adsense on your website or blog you need to check first is Adsense agreeing with them because there are  some sites that are not allowed from adsense to be placed together on the same page, but that’s for another story too.

Now the only important thing for me is to provide you with the list of another ad companies that you can use to make money with.

Adsense Alternatives To Make Money With

Adsense – I decided to include him, just in case if someone wants to use them for the first time.

ChitikaChitika offers publishers & advertisers user targeted, search targeted, mobile and local ads for websites, blogs, apps and mobile sites.

TextLinkAds – Join over 45,000 publishers monetizing their sites. You can easily make more money then from adsense, if you have high PR.

Kontera – Kontera delivers In-Text advertising and relevant information to +140M unique web & mobile users each month.

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Vibrant– Contextual and In-Text Advertising.

Infolinks – Infolinks leads the Pay Per Click Advertising industry with premium Contextual Ads for your Website or blog.

Clicksor – Maximize revenue from your traffic by promoting relevant offers from their vast network of quality advertisers.

Bidvertiser – Make money from your Website or Blog – get paid for clicks and conversions!

Adbrite – Webmasters can buy and sell text ads based on their site’s topic area.

This is the list containing some of the top leaders in website/text advertising online where you can make money online.


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