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Adsense revenue sharing websites are sites where you share revenue from your content visitors with the website owner.

I’m going to explain you how to make money with adsense revenue sharing websites and which one to use.

Basically, if you have something worth to share with others like articles, videos, pictures, and want to make some money in return, then adsense revenue sharing sites are good to make money online fast. When you find the site that pays good then you upload your content to the site and share your adsense id number, don’t worry it is safe, they can’t do anything bad with it and of course you need to have adsense account for this to work. And when someone click the ads that are related to your content you and website owner will split the earnings or you will get the whole revenue, but in return to give something to charity, it all depends from website and their rules.

Here is the list of the adsense revenue sharing websites and how people are making money online from home.

Squidoo – the website where you create your pages of content called “lenses”.Lenses are pages, kind of like flyers or signposts or overview articles, that gather everything you know about your topic of interest. They put ads on your pages and get 50% of earning for server bills and charity and the other 50% goes to  you.

HubPages – Place where you publish your articles, activate your adsense profile and earn money when someone clicks on ads that are on your page, similar to Squidoo.Also you can make money from their affiliate program, when you bring new writers to hubpages.How does it work? You’ll earn 10% of the ad impressions of the Hubs published by people you’ve referred to HubPages using your unique referral tracker (and that 10% comes out of our share, not theirs).

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InfoBarrel – Once you have signed up and filled out your profile you can add a Google Adsense Publisher ID to your account which will allow you to start earning money through Google’s adsense program.Similar to Hubpages.

Flixya – Flixya is a publishing platform to blog or simply share your favorite videos and photos while earning 100% profit. Are you a blogger, author or writer? Writing informative and unique content is the best way to attract an audience and grow your earnings.

Daceband – Earn money by sharing videos, blogs, photos and music.Earn $5 for every 1000 unique visitors that view your content such as your videos, blogs, photos, audio and profile.
Add your own advert around all your Daceband content and earn 100% of the Ad revenue.
Sell your music/audio for free.
Earn 10% commission each time your referrals advertise on Daceband.This site is similar to flixya.

There you are, couple of adsense revenue sharing websites to make money online with, if you want me to post more sources just comment.



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