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Conducting online businesses has never been that easy as it is today. The high development of technology, the ability to be worldwide at the same time using the internet and even the easy way of interactions (using translation) represent only a few of the reasons why any business can be successful everywhere in the world. Still, no business comes up out of nothing – which means, basically, that a certain capital is required if you wish your investment of time and effort to pay off on the long term. When we are tackling financial aspects within a business or company, there are certain aspects that you might find rather interesting to take into account. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to see all you need to know about the PayPal business account fees!

  1. Fee per Transaction

PayPal is one of the most useful ways through which you are able to both be paid and pay to the others, all from the account of your running business. Whenever you make a business payment, a fee per transaction is being charged – of an amount of $0.50. With this information into mind, it is important to know, from now, that any time you make a payment you need to put an extra $0.50 to the amount, so that the sum of money received by the recipient is the one discussed about. On the other hand, the fixed fee of about $0.50 is available only in dollars, which means that even if the PayPal money transferred are in other currency than $, the fee will be exchanged in $ so that it can be perceived by PayPal.

  1. Restrictions
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In order to use and cope with Business Payments, there are certain requirements and restrictions ought to be respected if you aim to keep your business up and running together with PayPal. Some of them include:

  • For the transactions to be made, both you and your business partner will have to agree to the fees in dollars, even though your financial resources on PayPal are in different currencies;
  • In receiving the payments, the time required for calculating and transferring the transactions is from three to five days (until it is being processed and approved);
  • Each invoice has to be under $10,000 per verified account and of a smaller amount in case the account is not verified. In case you send a bigger amount through PayPal on a single transaction, an error will pop up, letting you know that the invoice exceeds the transaction limits.


  1. Why is it Better than the Traditional PayPal transactions

The Business Payments program developed by PayPal is a fast and easy way to save up a lot of money. In comparison with the general method of paying 2% to 3% per transaction, here you pay only $0.50, which means that you save up to $200 to $300 (which is huge)! Aside from this percent, it also implies an additional $0.30 for general payments, so the transaction fees are not at all appealing. Instead, sharing $0.50 per transaction does not feel or look bad at all!

  1. Creating Invoices

There are some perquisites inside the Business Payments program. In order to help your partner pay as low as $0.50 per transaction directed to you (especially if he is not one of the ones within the Business Payments program), you will need to come up with an invoice. By this way, he or she will just have to press a button saying “Pay Now??? and the transaction will be all done, with a fee of just $0.50! Still, make sure not to pass this requirement, as such, aspects are highly important – and your partner will definitely have a bigger trust into yourself as your collaboration goes by.

  1. General Overview
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The PayPal Business Payments program is one of the best developments in the business field transactions. With an experience of over 15 years, PayPal manages to keep itself up on the market, regardless the fierce competition. Due to their main objectives (which is attracting more and more customers), it has come with numerous advantages, from which we should benefit from and also, realise that we can basically grow our business in a professional way and with little effort, once such criteria are met. On the other hand, as presented, one of the best and most important aspects from all lays in the transaction fee (which is extremely low, up to $0.50). The decision is up to you, but with all the advantages and benefits in your hands, it seems quite difficult to be able to make a choice. At a glance, business seems to be quite easy (and affordable) with the PayPal Business Payments.


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