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When you advertise and market your brand, you shouldn’t just focus on digital marketing. There is so much you can do to promote the company in a way that doesn’t involve the digital landscape. And, in fact, it can often prove better to do this. You need to try to engage with customers and clients in day to day life as well as online.

It’s important for them to have something tangible that lets them connect with the company. And you can use this kind of advertising in an array of different places. One of the key ones is going to be your business premises. This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself exposure and help advertise the business effectively.



One of the easiest things to do is going to be to use posters. You can display these on walls and windows. They can be customised for people outside, as well as people on the premises. You can convey a lot to your customers by way of a poster. It might detail upcoming special offers, or it could use a slogan for the brand. Posters are an important form of promotion for the company, so you need to look after them. That means you need to buy lockable poster cases where you can securely keep the posters. They offer protection and are easy to use for when you need to change them over.



Billboards are one of the older forms of business advertising, but also one of the most effective. You can use a billboard to display a huge poster or advert for your business. The key with billboards is the strategic positioning of them. They are almost always in high traffic areas, and as such people in their cars will see them. This is an important strategy for brand recognition, and drawing people towards the company.


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Business Cards

If you have a store, or you’re located in an office building, you should leave business cards out. You might think about handing them out to people you see. But, a better idea would surely be to leave them on display so people can help themselves. Business cards are an excellent way of marketing your company. In fact, they are one of the more underused forms of advertising for the business. You need to design and order your own business cards, so you have plenty. They come in very handy, so it’s essential that you make sure you have plenty.



Another excellent way of promoting and advertising the business is to have a mascot. If you have an emblem for your business you might consider employing a mascot. Get someone to dress up in a costume and hand out fliers. They can walk the street and interact with customers. It’s great for them to have somebody to interact with and to entertain them. This is another excellent type of advertising for your business.

You need to make sure you promote and advertise your business as much as you can. Obviously you’ll have a digital marketing team to take care of marketing your brand. But you also need to take a look at ways you can promote yourself on the premises. Whether you’re in an office building or a store, it’s essential to advertise as much as possible. This is the true secret to business growth.



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