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Of course, the impact of time depends on where we live. For those of us in urban centers, generally our days are too full. Because we move too fast, we seem unable to catch up with ourselves. Busyness could be the devil’s method so that in our frenetic ministry activities, we are actually drawn from our true being and we forsake ourselves and become slaves to anxieties and worries. This may be the very reason why an array of treatments for anxiety and depression is scattered everywhere. All these little menaces pile up and cause detrimental health issues.

Father and Son

There was even a story about a father so anxious and stressed out that his son wrote something in his “daytimer”. This is where he keeps his appointments and notes. He asked his son what he wrote, and the son said that he just made an appointment with his dad. The father’s mind went blank for a while trying to understand what he was saying. Finally, the father asked his son why it had to be through his daytimer.  The son’s response was unnerving. He said “I need to have time with you Daddy and I notice that you have time for people whose names are written in your daytimer.”

Let Your Soul Catch up with Your Body

A person even once said when he realized, “I must stop my activities, to let my soul catch up with my body.” Did our Divine Creator miscalculate when He gave each one of us twenty-four hours in every day? Would we have enough time to do all that we need to do if were given twenty five or thirty hours instead? Some believe we wouldn’t, while others believe otherwise. People tend to overwork all the time. Today, we cry out for more time for ourselves and for the family. Our working days are simply too long. We want shorter working hours. The 40 hour-a-week work is not short enough. Labor unions continue to fight for less work and more pay. We want more leisure hours, and yet with fewer working hours we are discovering that our free time is still neither free nor long enough. We tend to schedule so much activity into our leisure time that even the pressure makes our free time seem like work!

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Enjoy Each Other’s Company

Some time ago, there was a family who decided to have a vacation. They planned their itinerary ahead of time. They would be together as a family. They expected fun, relaxation and time with the Lord. But they ended the vacation anxiously in exhaustion and disappointment. They spent their week-long vacation packing and unpacking suitcases, catching taxis and planes, waiting for waiters to take their orders and paying bills in restaurants. Tension ruined their vacation. Pressure resulted in tempers flaring up at times. They resolved that in their next vacation, they would just stay in one place and discover more of themselves and just enjoy each other’s company.

Take Control Over Your Life

Simply put, the anxiety brought about by our jam-packed schedules never fails to mess up with our lives. Stress and worries may serve as motivating factors to better ourselves, but everything should be taken control over. Otherwise, all of it could be counterproductive, thus causing detrimental health problems.


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