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There’s never been a more exciting time to start a business. Small company owners are now blessed with more opportunities than ever before. Furthermore, advancements in technology also make it a lot easier to conduct their work.


Mobile phone technology has progressed incredibly over the past 15 years. Smartphones now allow us to drive the business forward, even on the move. They are a godsend to true entrepreneurs, and there are various Apps that can allow startups to thrive.


There are many factors to making your startup shine, but embracing technology will help. Here are five must-have downloads for any startup owner.


Social Media

Marketing is a cornerstone of business. Technology has completely changed the parameters of what startup businesses can achieve. There is little doubt that the growth of social media is one of the chief reasons. If your business isn’t already running a Twitter and Facebook account, then there is something truly wrong.


By employing a successful social media strategy, you could see your customer base swell. A strong online presence is crucial for companies operating in the digital age, and the mobile Apps are one of your greatest tools.



Finances are central to any business, but especially a startup. Monitoring income and expense is vital to making decisions for the company. The ability to track progress on the move is welcomed by any startup owner.


There are various accounting software platforms that include a smartphone App. Use them to track payments, invoices, and other important items. Knowing where you stand financially is vital. This will give you a great advantage.

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Business is built on a foundation of solid communication. In today’s world, the bulk of it is carried out through email. Unfortunately, missing a message could delay responses. Smartphone technology means that no longer has to be an issue.


Downloading the App of our specific email platform, such as Gmail, can allow you to get notifications whenever an email arrives. It might be a simple function, but it can allow you to work through processes quicker than ever. When time is money, the importance of this feature cannot be overestimated.


White Pages

As a startup business, there is a good chance that you’ll be getting lots of phone calls. There’s an equally strong possibility that you won’t be able to answer them all. Likewise, there will be a number of calls that you simply won’t want to answer. After all, you’ve got much better things to do.


A white pages App will allow you to look up callers before deciding whether to ring back or not. It will save you time, and a lot of mind-numbing conversations. An absolute must.



While your business is hugely important, it’s the only factor in your life. Enjoying a positive work-leisure balance is vital, and the countdown App is a great way to remind yourself that life is also there for living.


Having a list of fun activities coming up will encourage you to maintain a healthy recreational life. More importantly, it will cheer you up whenever you’re suffering a difficult day. Work hard; play harder.



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