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It seems like almost everyone has an app these days. Every week thousands of new applications make it onto app stores, mostly to sit there gathering digital dust. Even when apps are downloaded, studies show that over 80% are deleted within the first few days and weeks. This is not to say that there is no potential in mobile apps. Quite the contrary, the world is going mobile at a rate of knots, and the opportunity is enormous. The trick is to find the right mix of design and functionality that will give your users what they need and keep them coming back, rather than casting you onto the virtual scrapheap. Here are a few ways that an app may be able to help your business connect with consumers:

Loyalty Programs

The days of the stamp card are over. App development companies everywhere are helping retail stores, cafes, restaurants and a whole host of businesses to transfer their loyalty programs onto apps. QR and barcodes can be easily scanned using phone cameras, making it quick and simple to earn your next free cappuccino. Loyalty programs are a sticky tactic that will ensure that consumers will keep your app, providing you with the opportunity to engage them further with notifications, offers competitions and other tools.

Push Notifications

Apps give you unprecedented ability to communicate with a captive audience. Think about it for a minute: What other medium has given businesses the capability to share information instantaneously with a cohort of consumers that are already engaged with the brand and receptive to your messaging? However, be warned: overdo it, and users will hit the delete button quicker than you can say “holy notification fatigue, Batman!???. Getting the balance right and sharing the right amount of the most relevant information is the key.

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Customer Feedback

Your users already care enough about you to download your app and grant you space on their device. If they’re checking the app regularly, then you have an engaged user that is interacting meaningfully with your brand. A consumer that demonstrates this level of connection is far more likely to share their thoughts about your company, your products or your app. There are numerous effective methods of gaining customer feedback via apps that you can employ to collect the information that you can use to improve your products, customer service or digital presence.

Increase Sales

Mobile commerce is now commonplace. There are any number of easy to use m-commerce modules that work beautifully on mobile and can help you to grow your sales. Gone are the days when people felt uneasy about purchasing items through their phone. Today’s mobile customers relish the convenience of doing everything they need on their devices and statistics show that the proportion of consumers regularly using m-commerce is growing fast.

Integrated Digital Experience

As the world of digital marketing evolves, the lines between one strategy and the next become consistently blurrier. Social signals can support your SEO campaign, on-page UX can help you make the most out of your Paid Search activities and so on. Apps are no exception. Your mobile app can integrate seamlessly with your social media platforms to deliver an integrated experience and consistent marketing message across multiple platforms. When done well, this can be a powerful and compelling strategy.

These are just a few ways that the power of mobile app technology can be harnessed to help you take your business to the next level. Good luck, and see you in the App Store!

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