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Nowadays, it is said that between 60-80% of jobs are found not on online job boards, but through networking – that think everyone does, more or less conscious. Believe it or not, there are thousands of people who are not taking advantage of networking the right way! Since millenians are new to this criteria, learning the baby steps is a must. Thus, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better image over what a millenian is and how could a simple millenian make use of the best networking tips – the ones that are just below!


  1. Take But… Give

Networking is filled with some really great stuff – you can make yourself useful for people who are looking for different services – but it is also useful for you, since you might find someone that can provide you with great stuff. Thus, networking is all about give and take – if someone looks for a certain specialist and you might be in the known of the right one, there is no reason for you to keep it to yourself. Since other people make to yourself certain recommendations, you should do the very same thing for the thing to work properly.


  1. Don’t Stop Talking

Are you looking for new friends, new people, new connections? That is great, millenian is the right word for you! How do you manage to meet these new connections? The answer is simple – certain events are the perfect occasion, yet the idea goes deeper – it is utterly important for you not stop talking with these people after you have managed to find them. Thus, getting in contact with them within 24 hours is the right step to start with! By this way, people will not forget about you and the chances to become more and more visible are getting higher.

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  1. Get a Mentor

The social networks are creating the right platform for you to choose the perfect person. In this situation, setting a mentor might help you achieve your goals. In order to do so, all you need to be attentive at is easy – choosing the right person – and then keeping in touch with her. Showing your admiration, your ideas and your future plans will make he or she more than welcomed to learn you all the great stuff!


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