Chief Executive of US software company TimeTrade Gary Ambrosino has said that from each candidate he asks for three things.

The man with more then 30 years of experience in running companies from the high tech niche, Gary Ambrosino firsts asks candidates: “What would you do if you didn’t have to earn for a living?”

By asking that question he can estimate the level of motivation and desire candidates have towards life and work in general.

“People who have great wish to work and achieve huge goals will have complex answer to that question, and the description will usually match with the job they would do if they had to earn a living. They just love and want to work” – Amborsino claims in an interview for Business Insider.

Second thing that is desired is optimism. In order to check whether potential candidates have any, he asks them hypothetical questions.

“I present them a possible business situation and I pay attention to their answers, that are mostly based on situations they have faced in the past and what they have learned in time”.  – TimeTrade CEO says.

Third important thing is the candidate’s ability to get the job done.

“You must talk details with them about how they would finish particular work. It is important to make difference between candidate that has done some work and the one that was only an observer”. – Ambrosino has pointed out.

Ambrosion says that he gives advantage to people who are optimists and who are willing to invest effort in coping with challenges, even the ones they didn’t face before.