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I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this post the answer to that question is likely yes. But even if it’s not, there may still be things you can do to improve the quality of your IT solutions.

Migrate Your Applications

One of the reasons why businesses keep putting off upgrading their IT systems, is that they’re afraid. What will happen to old legacy applications that the company relies on to do business on a new platform?


The problem, however, won’t go away. As the rest of the world updates and upgrades their platforms your business will be left behind. Soon you’ll find that being so far behind means that you’re at a host of other disadvantages compared to the competition.

Fortunately, there are people out there who can manage things like application migration from an old platform to a new one. In the UK the leading company is Camwood. Like others, they specialise in taking applications from old platforms and making them work on new ones.

This can be especially handy for large businesses. Often, the migration can take place without your business experience any downtime.

Keep Data Protected

One of the real problems that businesses are having these days is keeping their data secure. Hackers are becoming ever more elaborate in their attacks. And worryingly, employees are also a threat.

Without adequate data protection, your company risks losing some of its mission critical information. Furthermore, downtime or attacks on your system can prevent you from accessing data. That can mean that operations are interrupted.

To prevent this from happening, it is usually a good idea to transfer to the cloud. Transferring to the cloud has several benefits from a data security perspective. The main benefit is that cloud computing solutions are able to provide a firewall between your business and the rest of the internet. Any data access from your local computers can be managed securely, and independently of other traffic.

The other advantage is that your data can be permanently backed up on multiple servers. This means that you’re less likely to be in a situation where you lose your backup files.

Every year thousands of companies lose data critical to their operations and this can really hold them back. Worse still, if those data contain personal information, your firm may be liable for litigation. As such, having a good data protection strategy and IT solution can transform your business.

Working On The Go

Millions of businesses around the world now recognise the importance of mobile computing. Yes, this could come in handy if your business is office-based. But the businesses who stand to gain the most from mobile IT solutions are that business who have both an office base and people in the field. Mobile IT solutions can help to connect the two.

For instance, there are now solutions that allow you to consolidate all your applications into a single program. From this program, people in the office can update work schedules for people in the field. And all this can be done without wasting paper or making repetitive phone calls.

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