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Hiring the right employees for any business is vital to the sustainability and reputation that businesses develop over time. If the wrong employees are hired, this can have a negative effect on all aspects of a company: from customer service, to returning customers, to profitability, to deadlines and targets being met. Bad customer service can lead to customers not feeling positive about their experience meaning they are unlikely to return. This affects any potential profits being made, and if you are unhappy about the financial situation of your business and come into work in bad moods, this is likely to affect the work ethics of employees resulting in missed deadlines and empty targets.


However, hiring the right employees can make a business grow and develop to the best of its capability. Employees who are right for a company can leave lasting positive experiences on customers and they can make a company a good profit as customers are more likely to return after a positive experience.


To make sure the best employees are hired for your business, you need to ensure all measures are taken through the interview process and their trial period. For example, if your business involves a lot of business phone answering, look for experience in that field and ask potential employees suitable questions that are to do with that aspect of your business. Of course, you may not find the best employees during the first round of interviews but you should keep asking the same questions to all interviewees – this will ensure you have the right people for the job.


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If your business involves a lot of creativity, then you would do well to ask questions in the interview phase about all aspects to do with the creative field you are in. If your business involves graphic design, ask interviewees questions about that field that only experienced designers will know. Also, try not to indulge in small talk or to get on a personal level with potential employees, as your subconscious may feel more inclined to offer a job to someone who you liked on a personal level, even though they are not as suitable for the job as other candidates.


During an employee’s trial period, involve them in all aspects of the business to allow them to grasp a feeling of what the business is all about and how it runs on a day to day basis. For example, if you and your team go for drinks after work on a Friday then invite the new employee and see how they fit into the surroundings of being with their co-workers on a personal level rather than a work level. Also, if you feel that a new employee’s personality would be suited to working near someone else who is quiet or even loud, place the employee’s desk next to that other co-worker with a similar personality. This will make for a more grounded atmosphere, rather than the employee trying too hard to impress in the office.


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