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An eCommerce store involves both back-end and front-end essentials. On the back end, you have processes like record keeping, order management, and the shipping charges incurred by 3pl fulfillment. Meanwhile, the front end is all about chatbot integrations and website plugins. 

The beauty of headless eCommerce is that it allows you to decouple these separate sides of your business operations, creating scope for greater customization and the powerful benefits that come with it. Below, we explore six of these advantages. 

1. Stand out through customization

By being one of the first in your industry to adopt headless eCommerce, you give yourself far more scope for creativity in the customer-facing aspects of your site. In the right hands, more freedom equates to more unique and attractive features, allowing you to rise above your competitors and offer customers the newness they’re always seeking. 

2. Access to all digital sales channels

Over the past few years, we’ve seen new sales channels emerge, and it stands to reason that even more will become available as we progress through the 2020s. Any eCommerce store that still relies on an old-school platform will have to wait for these new channels to be integrated (if they’re ever integrated at all). 

By contrast, those that have taken a headless approach to eCommerce will be able to create a customized front-end for new channels the moment they’re available. This means you’ll be able to leverage new income channels before other sellers in your market. 

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3. Greater scope for personalization

With greater front-end development freedom comes a broader scope for personalizing the shopping experience for your customers. Personalization has been shown to drive sales and improve customer loyalty – both highly desirable benefits for any eCommerce store. So, if you’re ready to meet and exceed customer expectations and deliver an experience that keeps them away from your competitors and coming back to you for more, headless eCommerce is worthy of further investigation. 

4. Long-term reduction in operational costs

Business owners often hesitate to adopt new solutions due to concerns about the upfront costs. However, it’s crucial to always factor long-term savings into the equation. With headless eCommerce, you make it far easier and more cost-effective to change individual elements of your front-end design. Indeed, in many cases, it will no longer take the skills of a developer to create the desired changes. So the flexibility and simplicity of the headless eCommerce solution can save you a significant amount of money, with the financial benefits accruing over time. 

5. Scope for experimentation

When front-end extensions and applications are decoupled from the back end, they are far easier to install and remove. This means you can experiment with new ideas in a quick, easy, and cost-effective way without risking upsetting or inconveniencing your customers. 

Testing ideas is central to the development of a brilliant user experience. And with headless eCommerce, you have far more scope to experiment effectively with everything from promotions and discounts to page layouts and members-only features. 

6. A healthy boost to your conversion rates

Modern customers adore a smooth user experience, especially when it slides into their lives in the form of a personalized shopping experience. Combined with the other advantages in this list, these factors are almost certain to deliver more conversions for your eCommerce store. 

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If you own an online store, you can look forward to enjoying these and other benefits if you upgrade to a headless commerce approach


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