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We can surely all agree that moving house is enough of a challenge and hassle on its own, without paying extra charges. If you add to all the tasks and the things you pay the additional costs, you might get quite frustrated and ask yourself the question: “What did I do wrong???? Many house movers would simply tell you that there are no ultimate rules when it comes to relocation.

Those people are also the ones who didn’t find enough time to prepare a proper plan and get organized. You don’t have to be one of them – you can manage with minimum amount of stress and without spending a huge budget. If you are doing a local move, you can do a self-move and just rent the moving truck.

Weighing your options months before the move is of key importance – base your decisions on the complexity of the move, the time you have and the distance of the relocation. If your first priority is money then you need to know what to avoid during the process. Here are some of the basic questions whose answers will help you determine your needs easily.

  1. How much do you have to move?

As you know every house move is different and it is not wise to compare yours to that of your friends or relatives, as each household is different. However, you need to get a general idea about the amounts of packing supplies that you need, as that’s one of the areas where families spend lots of money. Think about the moving truck and the size that you will need. Here is a little sample: a 26’ for a household with more than 4 bedrooms; 24’ for a house with 3-4 bedrooms; 17’for a place with 2-3 bedrooms, 14’for just a couple of bedrooms and 10’ for a flat.

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  1. How far is the new location?

When it comes to the estimate of the removals company and the extra charges it matters whether you are doing a one-way or a return journey. The one way move might increase the fees with up to 50%. You also need to consider the fees for gas and mileage. This is in the case of you hiring the truck.

After you have answered these two basic questions about your move, you should call a few moving companies and ask for a quote. The more information on costs you have prior to the move, the easier it will be to choose the most trustworthy mover. It’s a good idea for the mover to visit your place – if they don’t suggest it, you should insist on it.

This simple cost-comparison should help you decide whether to hire a moving company or deal with the move yourself. Consider that the second option will still require a considerable budget and it hides more risks. Moreover, you will need to get some labour help from friends or family. The other things to weigh include: how long it will take you to pack; the need of special packing techniques and handling of fragiles or valuables; the safety of all your belongings; moving with children and pets; the costs for packing supplies and tools.

There are many ways to avoid extra charges, but the ultimate rule for doing a house move is to know the specific parts of this process and to prepare properly.

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