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Do you get to the end of the month and need some cash? If your finances are a month by month struggle, you need to find ways to make some extra cash. For some, it seems that making money comes naturally. They have money all the time. For others, it seems like making money will always be difficult. You need to find inventive ways to make sure that you have extra cash. It’s not easy, but it is worth it when you find extra income streams. If you are trying to get by on your current income, but it isn’t working, you need other options. Here are some that you may want to consider.


Sell antique items


Everybody has things around their home that they don’t need. Sometimes the little trinkets in your house are more valuable than you might imagine. It might be worth looking around your home and seeing what you can find. When you have gathered an array of items, you should take them to an antique dealer. The dealer will tell you what each item is worth and may even buy things from you. Once you have an accurate valuation of each piece, you can sell them online for a profit.


Complete surveys online


If you have some spare time in the evening, you can make some money from home. Market researchers will pay cash for your opinion on various things. Many researchers find it hard to get people to take part in their surveys. That means that they find it tricky to gather the research that they need. That is why some research companies have resorted to paying people to take surveys at home. You might not make much cash per survey, but you can complete them at home in your free time. That means that you can make extra cash without leaving your sofa.

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Sell your extra car or truck


If you have an extra vehicle, you should consider selling it. Running more than one vehicle is a waste of money. Rather than paying tax and insurance for a spare car or truck, sell it instead. You can see your cars and trucks to trusted companies, such as AutoTrader. Make sure that you shop around until you get the highest price for your vehicle. You will have a lump sum of extra cash when you sell your extra car or truck.


Become a mystery shopper


Mystery shopping is loads of fun, and it is an easy way to make some extra cash. Many retailers want to check up on their staff when they are not there. That is why they hire mystery shoppers to see how good people are at serving. Your job is to go and eat at restaurant or grab a cup of coffee at a cafe. You then report back to your boss and tell him or her how the service was. You get an hourly rate for mystery shopping, but you also get loads of extras such as free food and drink from the outlets you go to.


Walk dogs for people


An incredible way to get healthy and make money is to start a dog walking business. People are working longer hours than ever. That means that many people don’t have time to walk their dog in the evening. You can offer people a full service to help them make sure that their dog gets the attention it needs. All you need to do is walk around your neighborhood, picking up various dogs and walking them along the way. You can charge an hourly fee for your services. Making money as a dog walker is so easy that it is a walk in the park!

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Rent out your spare room


If you have a spare room in your home, you might want to consider getting a lodger for it. You can charge your lodger rent on a weekly or monthly basis. Make sure that you create a room that is worth the money you are charging. Ensure that the room has storage, a desk, and a bed. You will also need to ensure that your lodger has access to washing and cooking facilities. That means that you will need to share your kitchen and bathroom. Whilst letting a room may be a bit of a pain; it will make you a massive extra income.


Have medical tests


One of the easiest ways you can make extra money is by taking part in some medical tests. Many universities and research labs hold medical trials every month. You can find out about trials in your area by contacting your local university or by asking a medical professional. When you sign up to do a medical trial, you will get a fee for taking part. The fee could be in the thousands, depending on what you take part in and how dangerous it is. You will need to sign a waiver when you take part in a trial so that you have no rights and can’t sue your researchers. That means that if something should go wrong, you have no legal rights to compensation.


Tutoring online


Loads of people tutor, but do you realize that you don’t need to meet people in person when you tutor them? You can give lessons online, rather than meeting with people. For example, if you are lucky enough to speak more than one language, you can tutor people via Skype. All you need to do is commit an hour of your time to each lesson.

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Pawn old things


If you need money fast, you might want to consider pawning old items from your home. If you don’t want to sell the items, pawning them is a simple solution. You can get the items back at some point in the future when you have the money to do so. Pawning is a little like getting a short-term loan. The more expensive the item you pawn, the more money you can borrow from the company. Make sure that you understand the terms of pawning an item before you do it. Often, you have a time limit in which you need to buy back your item before the broker sells it to someone else.


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