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You already realize that to be where your potential customers are, you must have a website that is optimized for mobile devices, a specialized mobile app, or perhaps both. However, it’s not enough just to allow customers to navigate your website when they’re on the go. Before potential customers and clients can discover how good your products and services are, they need to be ale to find you. In addition, once they have found you, you must provide them with the motivation to click on your app or go to your website. By following these three mobile techniques, you can increase your web traffic and possibly even enhance your company’s bottom line with increased sales.

Local Search

Local search capabilities should definitely be part of your company’s mobile ad platform. Whether you operate a restaurant, a bookstore, or provide services as a personal trainer, you want to show up both in explicit and implicit local search results. Explicit local search results are searches focused on a particular geographical area, for instance, “Baltimore Steak Houses.” By contrast, implicit local searches do not indicate a particular place; however, the search results are often limited to a particular region based on the location of the person making the search. For instance, if you’re in downtown Chicago, your search results for the keyword “restaurant” may be limited to eating establishments that fall within a ten mile radius of your present location.

Better Optimization

Many online merchants and even brick and mortar companies with online websites have shied away from search engine optimization and similar strategies in light of the ongoing Google Panda and Penguin algorithm adjustments. However, there is really no need to take such a drastic position. Instead, better optimization strategies and techniques can improve your company’s presence in search engine results. Especially for people making searches on the go, better optimization techniques make it more likely that your company’s website or app will be the one to get the attention of that customer ready to place a major order or begin a significant new project.

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Targeted Text Messages

Targeted text messages represent a powerful marketing and advertising tool. For instance, for individuals who have opted in to receive text messages from your company may receive messages whenever they are within a certain distance from your store or office, or within a certain distance of a merchant that sells your goods or products Targeted text messages could also provide alerts for new products that are available or a special sale promotion. Less overtly commercial text messages could provide short information “bites” that are related to your company’s products or services. For instance, a hair salon could provide targeted text messages with ideas on how to prevent frizzies in humid weather.

Be Proactive

Although it is important to offer excellent merchandise or service at a good price, high quality is not enough. Even first class customer service is not enough. In short, it doesn’t matter how good your product or services are if no one knows about them. By being savvy about mobile marketing, you can draw your customers to your website or to your app. Once you’ve accomplished that, all the hard work that you have put into making your products and services the best they can be will have an opportunity to pay off.


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