We’ve all watched The Office. And we’ve all laughed and cringed at David Brent’s attempts to make people like him. As misguided as Brent was, he was actually pretty sensible. It is important that your staff like you. They’re going to be working for you, so they should look forward to coming to work in the morning.

And the way you can ensure they like and respect you is to work on being the best possible boss. There are many things you can do to become a better boss. The key is to make sure you value your staff. These are some great ideas you could implement in the workplace.



Offer Incentives

Of course, you will have targets that you want the staff to hit. And these need to be challenging, but achievable. So a great way to improve productivity is to offer incentives. These will encourage workers to put more effort in. They will strive to reach their targets so that they can benefit from the incentives. Now, it might be a good idea to change the incentives up each time just to keep things a bit more interesting.


Put Your Staff First

You need to make sure you put your staff first in everything you do. As a business owner, the decisions you make will affect your employees. It’s important for your staff to realise that they matter to you and the business. They need to feel like you value them and don’t take advantage. And a good way to do this is to undergo employment legal training. This way you become aware of what your employees’ rights are. So you can work towards making sure the business is more ethical. And that your staff are treated as fairly as possible.


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Be a Friendly Ear

It’s worth remembering that your staff are normal people with normal problems. And sometimes things happen in their lives that you can’t account for. So you might find that people come to work and are suffering from stress or anxiety. Their home life might be affecting them in quite a big way. Make sure you offer support and guidance to them. Let them know that you’re available as a friendly ear. Be approachable and let them understand that they can talk to you about anything if they want to.


Don’t Micromanage

Many bosses are guilty of micromanagement. Now, it might seem like a sensible approach on paper. But in reality, micromanaging is not something to be encouraged. It’s a good way of alienating your staff and annoying them. They will think that you don’t trust them, and this might affect their performance. So make sure you don’t micromanage. Show your employees you trust them and you’ll see morale improve.

Part of being a good boss is putting your staff first and making them happy. And the more you can do this the better results you’ll see from your employees. You need to be someone they respect and want to work hard for. People like to feel like they matter. So try to implement these tips in your business and reap the benefits!



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