In our days, we keep on struggling with the question – what is the best strategy to make money? It might seem as a little surprise that one of the worst colleagues you had turned out to be ob Billboard Top 10, another one just managed to run a successful company, whereas the valedictorian is working 18h/day in a company that puts him down on a daily basis. Well, life is quite paradoxal, but there is no time for complaining! Stick with us to see whether or not being the best equals beinf the best paid! The lines below will blow your mind!

Defining the field

There are different fields where people work, thus different approaches. For instance, if we go for the IT, here the best paid would be the one that meets all the requirements – being the best at what he does. On the other hand, when talking about military inquieries, here things are different, taking into account the fact that you get raised as time goes by. The oldest one has the biggest salary, but it doesn’t mean he has to be the best.


Probably the most important aspect of all times, luck is the key to a successful life. Even though you were the first in your class, you might not end up as being successful, because this is how life goes. Instead, the one who handles any situation is the one who works best. Still, it doesn’t matter that education is not important! If you want to have more chances to be successful, make sure to be the best in your field, because only the best ones are being remarked! In regards to the luck, you should better know that you make your own luck, reason why when being remarked, make sure you know how to handle the situation in your favor. This is, in short, the key to supreme success!


And by that, I am not referring to IQ. It is all about the information you invest in yourself, the time you provide yourself with, the price you set to yourself. If you don’t invest in yourself, how can you have the requiremets that someone else would do that? Being the best doesn’t alwaysw equal being the best paid, but it definitely allows you a great chair to handle. Big requiremets are for big people, make sure to grow enough until the time comes.