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Have you ever wished you could start something that is all yours? Would you like to have a business, yet it seems rather as a wish impossible to come true? Well, if that is what you are looking for, we got you covered. Nowadays, people perceive the idea of having a start-up as a luck not everyone has the ability to get a piece of once in a lifetime. Still, even though there are few who make it, it does not matter that you cannot be one of them. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to discover our top 5 best start-up ideas to try while you are on university!

  1. Start a Website

For years now, having an online website managed to turn into a great business for most of us. Believe it or not, you can start now and end up in two or three years with up to $3,000 in your bank account each month. There are numerous ways of monetarizing your traffic and visitors, through various platforms. Moreover, as soon as your domain gets worldwide renowned, you can sell it for loads of money – so basically, this is a method of gaining a monthly rent of, let’s say, $3,000 at the end of each month and also, some money that you get by selling it – or by investing into it. If you ask me, you can get up to the price of 5 houses in US – which is not at all some few money to play with.

  1. YouTube Videos
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Do you like to be in the center of attention at all times? Would you like to have people watching you and comment at your videos at all times? If so, you should start being a vlogger. This job implies creating YouTube videos, through which you gather an audience which in turn, provides you with numerous views. Through these views, you can get paid, receive numerous products from different brands and be involved in a different type of world – the VIP one. Trust me, once you enter the YouTube world, your financial problems will disappear in a short period of time – and you will receive both attention, admiration and loads of money!

  1. AirBnB

Do you own a small place in the city you are currently studying? If so, we got a great idea to make money for you. Believe it or not, AirBnB is the greatest platform to make a living from. If you are not home – or have a friend where to stay for some nights – put your apartment up on the platform and wait for the visitors to take a glance at it – and thus choose it for their next stay abroad. The best thing about AirBnB is that it is cheaper than the general hotels, which means that you can have more and more visitors as they see your advertisement and consider it properly for their needs while being in your country – and town. Moreover, bear in mind that you can really do some nice money out of it – all you do is that you receive money for renting your place to someone – and thus, both sides win big time.

  1. Online Surveys
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Are you up for some work? If so, you can start your own start-up by creating online surveys. In order to learn how the job is done, you should begin with filling up yourself the online surveys created by other people. Through this way, you are one step closer to understanding how this industry work and also, how things in here are done. Moreover, who would say no to such an opportunity, of seeing things also from a different perspective? Now, listen – if you manage to create a start-up based on filling in the online surveys, your financial aspects will definitely improve as time goes by. Moreover, you might just be extremely excited to hear that all of these things are easy and frugal to be done, and the only amount of effort that you will need to place involves the beginning – since that is the hardest thing to do.

  1. Photography

If you know that you have the beautiful hobby of taking photos in a nice and overwhelming manner, turning yourself into a photograph and starting a start-up from there is the way to go. Now, bear in mind that this will imply a lot of technical equipment, reason why you should have some money put aside for acquiring them. Moreover, the sooner you do that, the better, since a start-up in photography relies a lot on learning and making your name be heard and known by the rest of the people. These being said, what are you still waiting for?


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