When you’re starting with Affiliate Marketing or if you got stuck with the same profit for months, and you don’t know what to promote anymore, don’t worry It happens to the best. All I can do to help is to tell you about some of the best affiliate products to promote and make money online.

What do I mean when I say best Affiliate Products to Promote?

First things first, best ones are those that pay the most of course, because we all have bills to pay, you can pay them with your 9 to 5 job which is fine by me. And you can not pay them at all because you spent all your money on the affiliate products that don’t convert.

This is why it’s very important to find the best affiliate products to promote, now I’m about to tell you how to spot them:

If you find a big community around the product that means that product is selling and working good.

If the product has been online for long time, which again means that it got credibility and trust from their customers.

If the product belongs to big niches, like health, finances or dating.

Now when I’ve mentioned those niches, I will add that those niches are one of the most profitable online and those types of niches produce best affiliate products on monthly basis.

How to Spot Big Niche and Goood Affiliate Product?

It’s easy, if you’re subscribed to few gurus online, you will start receiving usually the same products, they do this, because products are probably good and the commissions are high.

Watch out for Google ads, you will notice this way which niche is hot right now, or you can use Google keywords tool to study keywords and find out the niche for yourself.

Watch the offline world, it’s easy as that, see what is becoming popular and what is driving people’s attention. Today social networks are something people like to try out and use. You probably saw cases like with recent Ripl… I will not mention the product here, but it got so much hype that you could see form a mile that it’s created only to be sold like a product and to make money to it’s creators.

And since offline world and online are nearly the same, you can see that opening your own store is one of the best ways to be your own boss. This means products like shopping carts and ecommerce software are good affiliate products to start promoting and making money from.

Just look carefully online and offline too, if there’s a hype, there is a money too, but don’t follow the hype all the time.

Find something you’re passionate about and create value for people, review and test the product for yourself first and then promote it, this way you will get people’s trust and you will make enough money to pay your bills.

Just work smart and never give up, every affiliate product has it’s market.

image source: famousbloggers